Welcome to The DropTank #dillydilly

So as Fishwrap most eloquently stated in a previous BB that I still can’t seem to locate, I have contributed and achieved about everything you possibly can with F3.  To my surprise, I was able to achieve a new milestone today.  Dropped 3 fools before the workout even started.  And 2 of them shockingly have served our country.  #usa More on that later.

First 15

Over to Harding Pl – Up and over with 5 diamonds at the top and bottom and then back up and over backwards with 5 more diamonds at the top and bottom.  3x

Second 45

Quick little jaunt down to Captain Jack.  Dips 20x.  Pick up Greenway with Over and Under pullups near the top of 7th Street.  10x each.  Left on 7th and Right on McDowell St.  Flutters in church parking lot.  23x  #mj  Left on 8th St and right on Alexander St and another right down 10th St to the bottom.  BIG hill all the way up to Davidson St.  Partner Carry first half and partner wheelbarrow second half.  So much fun we did it twice.  Free #honorbox who guesses which team won both trips up.  Back to the church lot on McDowell for 23x LBC’s.  #mj  Took McDowell down to 3rd St to the Muthaship parking lot for 20x half derkins from Tom.  Back over to Target for more Partner of Misery work.  Partner Wheelbarrow up first flight of stairs, partner carry up to the top, mosey over to the far staircase and repeat. Then we fucked off for 10 minutes seeing who would fall running backwards back and forth on top of the Target deck.  Everyone survived and Grapevine was smoking it.  That was all.  Best Sharktank of the year.

Funny Shit

#USlAte:  While waiting on Tom to bring up the six for COT and #fistbumps, in comes the 2 greatest American heroes @Check and @TankCommander dragging along @Alibi.  Wondering what in the hell they were doing, they start babbling about getting to the lot at 05:30:30 and then proceeding to search for the group by running to every parking deck in America expect the Mutha.  Of course.  H to the E even went as far saying they give you 30 seconds buffer in Reserves.  Right.  And with that, I thank you for your service.  And for me being able to drop 2 GIJOE’s before the workout even started.  Resume is full.

#45:  It what can only be the largest brain fart ever, I quizzed Rings what number Serge Zwikker wore in college.  Nothing.  He went with 8.  Freaking 8.  What an idiot.  Ended up being good for the group though because that was the 6 inches time.  In unrelated news, Rings has the best Mahktar story ever.  #TKO

#OPENBAR:  Very rudely, LBJ interrupted MY COT trying to market some luncheon/money grab over at Charlotte Country Club to celebrate/market all the good F3 has done in the community.  Menu consist of corn dogs and nachos.  They will be passing a #kangol during lunch to all the rich tables.  I am positive none of this money will go into the Iron Projects #honorbox.  .0001 % sure.  LBJ actually made people raise their hands during COT to see if anybody even knew about this.  It was the first I’ve heard of it but he did mention there will be an open bar.  I recommend NOT taking advantage of it and putting your LIT’s on Dread’s tab.  #75632

#prayer:  Good prayer Tommy.  Actually Great.  #ceesus4life


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The DropTank #dillydilly

  • December 7, 2017 at 8:12 pm

    Man, I like this. If you’d tell me when you’re Q’ing, I’d be there to support. It’s nice to hear that affected you. That’s a good thing. It should bother you. It means you care — can’t go around pretending this or that doesn’t matter. It does matter and you care.

    Don’t sweat the drops, those were unintentional.

    As for that damn BB you love so much, I printed it, signed it and framed it for you. We’ll call it Christmas. Play your cards right and there may even be a hug in it for you at the end of the year #DillyDilly

  • December 8, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    You have to spell my name right to get it your Appletini on my tab CindyClaus. #JustSaying

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