Deck the Halls

Raining today – scrap the original plan.  Next time.  But why don’t we ever use that large covered deck about 50 yards from the starting point ?  Let’s do that today.

Mosey to the covered deck for warmup – damn the acoustics are good here – you can hear pretty well.

SSH, IW, Merican, L/R Hammy stretch and hip stretch, squat, heels to heaven.

Partner up for Buddy BLIMPS – Partner 1 does a lap out, up the stairs, and over the deck above and back down while partner 2 does Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Mericans, Plankjacks, and Squats. 6 rounds.

Mary for the six.

Keeping the same partners – Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 climbs the nearby slick and treacherously dangerous covered staircase (so much whining…).  We did 4 rounds:  People’s chair, wall plank, balls to the wall, and crab plank.

Mary for the six.

Ab Grinders – teams of three, team member at each end, one running the long length of the covered deck, team members at each end doing some ab exercise, including:  LBC, Flutters, Rosalita, knee up, russian twist, heels to heaven, figure 8, dollies, dying cockroach, and a few more I can’t remember.  do this until 5 min. left in the workout.

Mosey to the bars at the Asian Library with original partner for alternating partner pull up ladder, 1 up to 8 and back down.

Mosey back for COT


Steriod, Chips, and 88 were out front all day – strong effort pushing each other on the runs.  Great to see Meathead back for another round.  Vertical got his name for his 90 degree balls to the wall – strong effort.

Not sure who said it but the line of the day was (to a returning partner while holding balls to the wall) – “jeez did you stop for a smoke break on the stairs” ??


  • Travis Avenue Christmas Party tonight – fundraiser at Visualite – lots of F3 guys in the band
  • Poker fundraiser for Haiti at Shatner’s house – more to come
  • Silver Bullett 4th Anniversary on Saturday at Christ Church – Horse and Dredd Q
  • Bold Missy road trip next Wed HDHH – Money and El Diablo Blanco Q’ing
  • Tesla with the takeout, Grapevine translating

Thanks Eminem for the keys – always an honor to lead this fine group.

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