Purple Grapes or Apples? The Leaf seems odd to include in your mascot group. No bananas makes sense.

I’m just making this up. Not the backblast. Just the workout. There is no such thing in KB world as the Circle Press or the Figure 8.

Still we did them.

The workout:

March over to Dilworth parking lot carrying bells (one hand overhead – and other, racked right and left). Side straddle hop in parking lot.

Circuit: KB circle press, merkins, KB figure 8, lunges (reverse lunge, KB lunge, switch hands and repeat, reverse lunge), KB swings, peter parker, KB clean-squat-press, makhtar, KB goblet squats.

Run lap around the school stopping at a couple of spots for 5 burpees.

Repeat the circuit and lap.

March back to Latta grinder – more KB overhead carries plus 2 hands under chin for a while.

Suicides, sprints, KB swings and short set of burpees (in cadence) to finish.


Some people were having way too much fun during this workout. Hillary marvelled at the melodic sounds of my cadence. Ceasar dressed like it was already snowing – or maybe that was Narc – I think they were holding hands the entire workout. Fortenberry is back – not sure if got lost on the way to something else but he has not missed a beat. It’s been a couple of years (years!) but he remembered his nickname, showed up on time and even understood the lingo. Apparently I don’t run enough at these workouts. Looked like about 1/2 the pax went for either a pre-workout run (or post, or both if you are Fishwrap). Which character from the commercials is Fruit of the Loom? Does he resemble the apple guy?

Various announcements:

Operation Sweet Tooth: Bring a toy or three (or even a gift card) to a Metro workout over the next 2 weeks. Qs will consolidate and deliver to Fishwrap who will get all the glory when the kids see him show up with gifts. Seriously, support this and bring something. More info

Billingsville Xmas party is next Tuesday 12/12. Even if you have never tutored at Billingsville you are welcome – and encouraged – to attend this event.

Fishwrap talked about something else but I’ve already forgotten it.

Don’t forget the lunch at Charlotte Country Club – free but bring your wallet to make a donation supporting various causes near and dear to F3 Nation. You must register to attend. Registration link

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  • December 11, 2017 at 10:53 am

    Nice to see better numbers and some familiar faces at Combine.

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