Virgin Q…Check!

15 SSH
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Merkens
15 Slow Squats
– Mosey on over to the basketball court – partner up.  Partner A runs lap around length of park while Partner B does lunges across the length of the court + 5 burpees + 25 Merkens.  Repeat 3x per partner.
– Mosey on over to the corner of Winter & Belvedere  – 20 LBCs & 20 Dollys
– Mosey on over to Chatham Ave, hang a left – stop at the middle of the street.  BLIMP Time – Partner A runs up the street one direction while Partner B runs up the other direction.  Once at the top of the hill, do 5 Burpees, return to the middle of the street and do 10 slap hand pushups with Partner, switch running direction  Repeat doing 15 LBCs, 15 I/Ws, 15 Merkens, 15 Plank Jacks, 15 Squats
 – Mosey back over to the Parking Lot, do 25 Dollys, 25 Rosalitas, 25 Freddie Mercurys
Small but resilient group out there today.  There was no EC today.  Was very wet and cold, but avoided any sort of precipitation during the workout thankfully.  Was a nice thrill to lead my first Q – at the end Mr. Bo kindly reminded me of the proper count cadence – will make a mental note and remember it for next time!
Hoping Missing De’s fingers have thawed out at the time of this writing – I’m sure his next trip to the store will include some waterproof gloves!  His Garmin watch went haywire and said we ran 4 miles (wasn’t anywhere close) – however his 1 year warranty is right around the corner – how convenient!!  My pesky shoes, which badly need replaced, kept coming untied.  However I managed to stay on my feet and didn’t trip – a lesser man would’ve gone down!  It’s safe to say it’s time to buy a new pair.
I also took us out this morning – knocked all sort of firsts out today!
F3 Community Impact Luncheon at Charlotte Country Club 12/21 (also happens to be my birthday – gifts appreciated!)
Thanks for the support this morning gents!
-Dirt Devil

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