It was cold, a little slushy, and windy. Which means all men who have an innate desire to either pamper themselves or avoid discomfort stayed indoors. However, the 11 of us were not that type of men and thusly found ourselves completely immersed in the THANG. And so it was that the Thang was present, and so were us. I mean we. I mean all dem.


You know what I mean.


The standard COP , as we desire structure in a world that so often is void of boundaries.

Mosey to the corner, then heads south to the parking lot. Partner up, grab a rock, and proceed to do a total of 100 squat press, 200 curls, and 300 chest press with your partner. One man running, one man busting rocks until completion.

Mosey to another building for one round of horizontal ladder climb. I don’t know if this has a name, but you start in plank position and go up 1 cable on the railing . add a cable till you get to the top, then work your way back down.


That sucked, so we did 11’s of leg lifts and foot hooked sit ups.


That sucked more, so we did an Indian run home.   Once home, we did some wall sits to finish out.


NMM: I think it is easier to post when it is cold then hot. You can strip layers and add them back. But in the heat, you can only strip so much before you violate local legislation. And I NEVER violate local legislation. I always use the bathroom assigned to me by my birth certificate, not by how I might be dressed.

Deer tick just freaked out a little bit at that visual, which was my whole intent.


One FNG today. Fig is from newton. That wasn’t hard. Monkey feet posted only for the COT and we had already named him, or other wise we would have had a more involved, cerebral name.

Thanks for being there. See you next week.

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