A Clean Sweep

Aye, six pax posted in the Gloom for another edition of SIBling Rivalry!

The Thang:

Following the OYO warmup from 0515 to 0530 (more on that in a moment), we did a workout I call “Miles and Smiles”: 3 x 1 mile-intervals (4 x around the track), with a lap of recovery after each one. (Recovery laps included some walking, then transition a mix of high knees, donkey kicks, toe touches, karaoke or backward run on the back stretch, then a jog through Turns 3 and 4 and a rolling start on the next interval at the end of the front straightaway.)

The idea was to work on pacing, monitoring lap times for each quarter-mile trip around the track and aiming for overall consistency of pace across the intervals. Mile paces ranged from roughly 7:45 to 8:15 and order of finish was consistent from mile to mile, which suggests folks were hitting consistent paces across the sets.

We followed the intervals with 6 Minutes of Mary to finish out the 45 minutes. All in (including warmup), I clocked a total of 4.9 miles on the Garmin.

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

+ Mr. Green got his Good Turn for the day out of the way first thing, arriving at the track with a large push broom (see YHC’s Strava post for a photo) and spending the warmup period sweeping the pine needles off of Turn 3 to make for better footing on that stretch of the track. There was a puddle at the top of the back straightaway, though, so he’s promised to bring a squeegee next week.

+ As Deer Tick noted, we had nearly perfect running conditions — clear, with a nice half moon and about 42 degrees. Doesn’t get much better than that!

+ T-claps to Oswald, who maintained a consistent lead and “won” all three miles. One of the things I noted was that without some of our usual rabbits out there (like CR and Girardi), I didn’t push the pace as hard as I might have otherwise, reinforcing the age-old lesson that to get faster we all need to run with someone faster than we are.

+ We missed you, Sump!

+ Watch Twitter for details on next week’s workout. I’ve got something a little different in mind for the final pre-Christmas session.


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