You Serious Clark!?

Conditions: 25 degrees cold!


Can I re-fill your eggnog? Get you something to eat? Take you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?


We took the full Freedom Park tour on this 25 degree morning. 11 men were wrapped up like Ralphie’s little brother to take on the elements and put a deposit down on the day.


Warm up run to parking lot by train.

Side Straddle Hop x25

Merkins x10

Mountain Climbers x25

Mozy to Nature Center

from bottom to top of the hill

10 jump squats bottom/Burpee’s 7’s at top Mary

50 LBC’s, 20 Dolly’s

Mozy to base of steps

10 Derkin’s, run up steps

10 underhand/10 overhead pull-ups

25 squats

Run up the Lurker 10 diamonds at each speed bump and top.

Mozy down Forest Park Dr into

park shelter

10 dips/10 jump-ups on picnic tables x3

Backwards run up Forest Park Dr. 10 burpee’s At top.

Mozy down lurker to pull-up bars

10 pull-ups/20 dips x1

Mozy to Parking lot.

Backwards run to stop sign

25 LBC’s

Bring it home.


Always a pleasure to lead this group of men. Have a safe and happy holiday season.



Bring toys to donate at any upcoming workout.  Make sure they are new and unwrapped.

F3 Luncheon Thursday 12/21 at Charlotte Country Club.



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