The First Jedi (w chaperoning by Gridlock)

On Tuesday, 16 Men entered the gloom under special circumstances the likes of which no one had previously experienced – training under a Jedi master.  Fortitude’s own Jedi accompanied by his apprentice, Gridlock, Q’d his first workout and it was one for the books for its historic significance as much as for the workout itself.

Jedi got the PAX warmed up with side staddle hops, merkins, LBCs, and Imperial walkers on the Men’s Shelter patio.

Gridlock led the mosey to the Auto Bell parking lot where a game of merkin leap frog, if you will, developed and quickly got the blood flowing.  Pax partnered up.  Partner 1 did 15 merkins in the lot while partner 2 ran to a corner of the Auto Bell block.  Partner 2 stops at the corner to do merkins until partner 1 catches up with him.  Partner 1 then does 15 merkins and chases partner 2 to the next corner.  Around the block three times doing merkins, LBCs, and IW’s.

Then, mosey to Rock Pile hill.  Pax break into teams of 3.  Partner 1 at the bottom of the hill doing merkins, partner 2 at the top of the hill doing side straddles, and partner 3 carries a rock from the bottom to the top where he hands it off to partner 2 and commences side straddles.  Partner 2 runs down the hill with said rock, passes it off to partner 1, and commences merkins.  4 rounds of this fun-filled rock run.

More rock fun after the hill exercise – 15 each of curls, squats with rock, and skull crushers.

Mosey to Uhaul parking lot for some Mary – Freddy Mercurys, flutters, Russian twists, and doubled up on the Rosalita’s – followed by a lap around the building with squats at each corner.

Back to the Men’s Shelter for COT.  2 FNG’s – Mountaintop, from Asheville is studying sustainable energy development at CPCC, and Swedish Chef likes to cook.  Go figure.

Announcements: Jedi reminded PAX of the Come To The Table lunch on December 21 benefiting The Men’s Shelter, Charlotte Rescue Mission, Urban Eagles, and I Am 24/7.  Coffee in the cafeteria with Shelter residents followed a beautiful take out prayer by Jedi and Slaughter.

It was an honor to co-Q with Jedi, a true Man of Fortitude.

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