The Reindeer and the Elf

One old elf and a bunch of reindeer posted at Fortress for some partner work.

I was the Elf being dragged around behind a bunch of Reindeer.  Talk about leading from the rear ….

Here’s what we did:

Mosey to Providence Prep lot for warmup:

SSH, Sharon Towers, Squat, Heels to Heaven, Merican, L/R Hammy and Hip stretch

Partner up for Buddy B.L.I.M.P.S

  • partner 1 runs to the carport of the next building for 10 x-fit Mericans
  • partner 2 does the exercise until partner 1 returns and they switch

6 rounds total: Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Squats, Mericans, Plankjacks, Squats

Mosey to the St. Gabe’s parking lot, grab 1 rock per team (same partners)

  • partner 1 runs up to the top of the stairs for 5 burpees and back
  • partner 2 does the exercise until partner 1 returns and they switch

5 rounds total: Rock-knives, Louganis, Russian Twist, Dolly-presses, and Squat Presses

Mosey home for a few rounds of plank and 6 inches.


  • A handful of derogatory jokes about my sweatpants
  • A fine takeout by STH

Thanks Backup and Noonan for the keys – always an honor and a pleasure !

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