A mosey down to Lambeau Field to learn the true meaning of Merkin

17 brave souls took on sub 30° temperatures to do this thing we like to call Mission I’m Possible.  Cold temps didn’t suppress the warmth of the bodies and spirits of the men who took on the best F3 workout in Metro.  Here is what it looked like:


SSH x10

IW x 10

Mtn Climbers x10

After warm-ups we moseyed down to the parking lot we partnered up for running sideways, running backwards and hard-core bicep tricep rock exercises.

Afterwards we all did the mosey to the soccer field next to I-77 which, because it was frozen solid, will be forever referred to as the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field.  Unless it’s summer. Then we will have to get more creative me thinks. We had 4 workout stations on the field meant to work the abs and upper bodies.

Station 1

Flutters x10

Merkins x10

LBC x10 (Little Baby Crunches we’re renamed “Long Beach California” today- I’m assuming to get the PAX thinking of warmer climates)

Station 2

Rosalita x10

Diamond Merkins x10

WWII Sit-ups x10

Station 3

Russian twists x10

Drydocks x10

Right/Left oblique crunches x10 each

Station 4

Flutters x10

Double wide Merkins x10

LBC x10

Next we moseyed back toward home base at CRM.  Somewhere during this mosey I learned the actual meaning behind the word Merkin, which is not what I was expecting and has left me horrified, disappointed and just a tad nauseous.  Curious?  Definition here:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merkin

After the mosey and informational session on how we could buy Merkins for the PAX, we stopped at the white wall and did balls to the wall… this included a few power to the people exercises as well as overhead presses while making an air chair against the wall. Good stuff. We finished up with a cool (cold) down with SSH’s again, Sharon Towers and Imperial Walkers (Star Wars Ep. VIII debut!)

Another strong finish that ended with the COT, FNG naming ceremony and announcements.  Rev led us out with an inspiring prayer that was followed by many of the PAX giving praise to God for sobriety and the Love that only God can show.  Praise Him from whom all Blessings flow!



Postscript— or maybe it’s ‘Merican… I am hoping so.

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