A round of kettle bells for everyone, Mr. Q

On a cold 26 degree morning 11 cold blooded men showed up to do that thing we call Core-Saturday version. As usual as the temp goes down the age goes up so we moved into the day with a veteran group and one special FNG. After the usual warmup we moseyed over to the soccer field for The Bell Curve. Yours truly laid out seven kettle bell stations in a curve and everyone did three rounds at each station. After grading out well we tried out the new MPTS playground equipment by doing 11’s of pullups and derkins between the new and old playgrounds. Ugh. It was time to run, or as we say in Core, Fast Moseying, so we headed over to the parking deck. We ran the five ramps doing a ascending number of merkins at each turn. At the top we partnered up. One partner ran the stairs while the other did low slow flutters and LBC’s. Time to head back to down to earth so we ran the ramps doing descending number of merkins. Keeping the same partner we did a kettle bell partner chase around the track. One partner did 5 burpees while the other carried both bells till the partner caught up and the switch was made. Finishing up we dropped our bells and headed to the picnic tables and did a round of step ups and dips. My Apple watch which I will only use to tell time until I can find a teenager to teach me how to use the bells and whistles told me that it was about time to finish up so we circled back up and did long extended protractor with Pigskin counting down the angles down to 0 in some unknown language that only Pigskin can speak.

Today’s 12 Q’s of Christmas non-profit is The Harvest Center. DoReMe and I serve on the Board and volunteer in the Transformation Ministry. The Harvest Center serves the situational homeless and provides a safe place for men and women coming out of brokeness to heal and prepare to enter back into the workforce. Donations to the Harvest Center can be made at www.theharvestcenter.org  Our special FNG was Jarris Bell, the Harvest Center’s Transformation Director. JB shared a little about the Harvest Center’s mission and in return for his graciousness he was given the F3 name “I Feel Good” by Rev. Think about it….

Once again it was a joy and an honor to be able to lead this frost bitten group. It was a true privilege.

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