Confession @ Frazier Park – Kieffer the Hound Dog

A cool crisp day greeted us at Frazier Park for our moment of Confession.  Frazier Park was a first for a Confession AO so logistics were a bit chunky.  However, we all made it on time (sans Kieffer) and began our Mosey.

Five strong started out with 10 SSH, 10 IWs, 10 Mountain Climbers, Swan Dive – 30 seconds, Plank position – left then right leg stretches, Shoulder Blade compressions then off we went.

Through Frazier Park towards MLK park up to State Street on the Greenway.  While waiting on the six we see a strange figure in the distance approaching us.  This strange figure was Kieffer who, like a hound dog, tracked us down.  Glad this hound dog did as it increased the mumble chatter to the positive.

Right on State Street up to the top of the hill.  The hill took its toll on the PAX as we turned right on Sumpter.  Decline merkins at the top.  From Sumpter we hit Walnut then back to the Greenway.  Along the Greenway we split to the right away from Frazier Park to Cedar then left on first back to the AO.

Finished with some Mary (LBCs, Rosalitas).

12 Days of Christmas ahead as well as the luncheon fund-raiser on the 21st.

RM took us out as grateful men.

Honor to Q these men!  Aye!

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