Coincidence? I Think Not!

Its last than a week until Christmas which means the Holiday Madness is in full swing. What better way to escape than to go lead a bunch of strong, fast beasts in a Yuletide Beat down which had nothing to do with the holiday season…

The Thang
Mosey to the new smooth parking lot drop-off area near the front of Trinity Pres

COP: SSH x 30/ Stagger Right x 12/ Copperhead Squats x 15/ Stagger Left x 12/ H2H x 15

Head down to Rutledge
7’s on Rutledge (Burpees & Squats) stop at each side street & end at Randolph

Cross over Randolph and head to Providence Baptist parking lot on right

Expanding 4 Corners
3 rounds running from starting point to far right corner, continue to each corner until back to starting point, and perform different exercise in each corner

Round 1: start at mid-point of parking lot: C1 Burpees x 5/ C2 Diamonds x 10/ C3 Knee-ups x 15/ C4 Jump Squats x 20

Round 2: start ¾ back in parking lot: C1 Russian Twists x 7/ C2 HR Merkins x 14/ C3 Flutters x 21/ C4 Jumping Lunges x 28 (14 R/L)

Round 3: start at back of parking lot: C1 T-Getups x 10 (5 R/L) / C2 Plank Jacks x 20/ C3 LBC x 30/ C4 Squats x 40

Mosey to other gazebo on other side of church
Dips x 20/ Derkins x 10/ Dips x 10

Begin journey back to AO

Cross Randolph to Rutledge: Squats x 10 at each street light until Montclair
Mary: Rosalita/ Dolly x 20 each

Karaoke down Montclair to Chandler
AYG down Chandler, around the round-about back to Montclair

Down Montclair to stop sign at Robin
More Mary: Oblique Crunch x 12 both Right & Left

On your belly, AYG Fortress Finish to Shovel Flag


Operation Sweet Tooth toy drive: collected a few more today – have until Friday AM to get them to Fishwrap so he can deliver them that afternoon.

Come To The Table: Luncheon on Thursday to celebrate F3’s investment in caring for our community. See website for details. Must register in advance and only a few spots remain.

New Year’s Day Convergence: Kick off the year bright and early with about 100 of your Brothers. 7AM @ Freedom Park, 1/1/18.

Last night around 6PM, as YHC was scarfing down dinner before heading to my 2.1’s school band performance, Big Worm DM’s to tell me to bring a toy for Operation Sweet Tooth. Naturally, YHC replies with a smart @$$ comment about checking with the elves in my workshop. Like YHC has time to purchase toys even for a noble cause. Turns out the joke was on YHC. As we were leaving the band concert, the M asks me to take the kids to Target while she went to the “Mall.” At 6PM, did not see a viable way to pick up any toys for Operation Sweet Tooth and the next thing I know, YHC is standing in Target looking at Hot Wheels and Nerf toys. Coincidence? I think not…

Usual suspects leading the Pax today: Beaker, Hamlet, Want Ad…. The unofficial winner of the AYG Fortress Finish (yes this is BW but that’s the name of the Strava segment created by Bel Air) was Grizzly. Dude came out of nowhere to take the tape …Supposedly Madras complained early about the Burpees which is saying a lot since he is one of those quiet ninjas….Both Madras and Newport rolled in on their bikes this AM…Not exactly sure but looked like Newport was rocking some glow-in-dark strips on his brakes – like the kind you get in a specially-marked box of Lucky Charms…Boba Fett LIFO’d before COT – presumably to go home and prepare breakfast in bed for his daughter who came home last night after completing her first semester at the Naval Academy. Take good care of her…Awesome take-out by Drone. When Drone speaks, you better listen…Be sure to hit Bastion on Thursday for Chowda’s 52nd Birthday Q. It will suck and won’t be fun just like it should be…When Chowda ran-in solo this AM, Pax started asking about his neighbor Monk. Debate lasted a few minutes about what happened to Monk, like he disappeared and hadn’t been heard from. During COP, YHC looks over and sees Monk doing exercises. Literally appeared out of nowhere – coincidence? I think not.

To all of you still reading at this point, YHC thanks you. Also appreciate all the Pax for their support today. We got in 2.9 miles, evidently more Burpees than Madras preferred and we dodged a run-away car on Rutledge.

Lastly, thanks to Big Worm and Grizzly for allowing me to Q this beast of workout.

Happy Holidays my Brothers!


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