I’ll write up the BB

There was some confusion at the start as to who was the Q. So I took the first 25 minutes and GAAP took the remaining 22 minutes. Yep, bad clock management. 2 minutes of overtime. GAAP’s fault.

Prior to today, the new parking deck was virgin AO territory. No más. We did a Merkin beatdown and a people’s chair/balls to the wall beatdown in the deck. Then moseyed to the stadium for 11s with Derkins and Heels to Heaven.

At this point, GAAP took over and had us do BLIMPS on the Astro-turf; Twice. Obvious lack of imagination by GAAP. You would think a quasi-accountant would have better imagination. Bear crawl to the 10, 10 Burpees; bear crawl to the 20, 15 lunges each leg; bear crawl to the 30, 20 IWs, etc. Repeated on the way back except substituting crab walks.

That left us with a partner up: run around the track in opposite directions and do 10 hand slaps merkins when you meet, return to the start and do 10 partner derkins. Then back to the parking lot. That got up into overtime. Did I mention bad clock management by GAAP?

There were suggestions that better planning would have had us do the workout in the parking deck when it was raining instead of when it wasn’t. However, consider that when I was Q, it wasn’t raining. When GAAP took over as Q, it started raining. Ergo, GAAP’s fault.

The Rev provided the music. I provided Merkin-type exercises designed to improve Rev’s chest size. Tit for tat. (He’s going for a 34 Size D.)

We learned that John Deer likes the rain because it reminds him of past summers when he worked in Maine pulling up lobster traps from the water. Chowda, on the other hand, doesn’t even like lobsters. Who knew?

A rare convergence caused by the winter solstice, or perhaps the approach of Christmas, brought a 3-standard deviation turnout of 12.

HDHH at Providence Road Sundries. Luncheon tomorrow at Charlotte Country Club. Dredd speaking. Bring your checkbook or credit card. At Attila, Eminem taking over for Steroid. Steriod’s charity is Children’s Miracle network. Core on Saturday: Bring hats and gloves to Rev for the homeless. GAAP assigned Pigskin to do the BB. (No problem, GAAP.) Did I mention that it started raining when GAAP took over, we went 2 minutes over and that there was a lack of creativity on GAAP’s part when he Q’d? Oh, and that I’d be happy to write up the BB.


Retired from Duke Energy after 40 years as an accountant.

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  • December 20, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Pigskin, I knew as a retired guy you have way too much time on your hands, and writing up a bb would provide purpose! You exceeded my expectations. As for clock management, I failed to factor in the Mosey time back to the lot so you got me in that one. Strong crew out there this am. Thanks for the opportunity to co-lead.

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