Shitter’s Full

The title of this backblast doesn’t have anything to do with the actual backblast… bait!    Proceed to read.


9 men braved the rain to get some before the holiday gluttony starts.

5:30 we launch and head up EAST blvd to Scott, like ninjas in the night.

5:31 – Nash pulls in, runs around aimlessly trying to find us.  Gets wet, gives up, goes home.   I get a text at 6:21…where the heck were you guys.


Stop at East/Scott for Dips on the Starbucks wall….down towards the hospital Mega Deck.

Suicide Stacker up the 3 tiered ramp:

First bump: 10 Merkins ….back down to bottom for 5 burpees

Second Bump: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats….bottom for 5 burpees

Top: 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 50 LBC’s…bottom for 5 burpees


In an effort to avoid any downpours we stayed in the deck for another sucktastic round of full, idea thanks to Lee.   Early Christmas gift to the pack.  The Mega Deck Zipper.

Up one level, across the deck stop mid-way for 10 merkins, continue to stairs, up next level, run to opposite stairwells (midpoint 10 merkins)….all the way to the top (8 levels).  The distance between stairwells is about 4x the distance between stairwells in the Castle, so this AO takes the crown for a tougher zipper.

Squats at the top while we wait, back down the ramps stopping at each level for more merkins.  Mary at the bottom.

Out of the deck to the bottom of Dead Presidents wedge.   Another “zipper” up to east.  Crossing at each street for more merkins.

Balls to the wall and hip slappers in front of the male salon on east.   AYG home.



The heavier rain held off, as usual to support F3 safety in the gloom.  Lighter crowd but still double digits so i’ll take it.   Covered north of 3.5 miles and significant elevation today… 2000 ft.

We christened the Zipper at this deck and it felt much harder then ones done at the Castle because the distance was so much longer.   Also, Levels 3-5 were hotboxed….literally.  Some guy was getting lit in a car…ut we could only smell it, didn’t find the dude.  If we did, i’m sure our Doobie would have jumped right in with him, get it.   I’m sure it was for medicinal purposes at 5:45AM in the hospital parking deck.    Chairthrower won that race to the top, even though Doobie tried to skip a few levels.

Bermuda is a week back into things after two surgeries this fall (ACL/MCL and Hernia) and he’s almost at the front again.   Nothing can stop this guy….well except for his wife.  Who throws away all his gloom gear without asking.   We have all been there, done that.

Paula just crushed the AYG home…so either he sandbagged the whole workout and that 23 yr old body is finally stretching his legs.  Nice work man.



The bandit crew has collected a nice trunk full of toys for Operation Sweettooth.  Thank you fellas.

F3 Lunch tomorrow at CCC.  No jeans, cutoffs, or graphic tee’s.

Nautique with a great take out, as always.





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