8@8 Preblast

Call from 20/20: “Hey man, have some good news! Just closed a big deal today and am going out to celebrate!”

Me: “That’s awesome, congrats!” In my head: “Sweet…I could use a drink and don’t have any food at my house for dinner anyways.”

20/20: “Can you post a route for 8@8 tomorrow? I’m going to try to make it.”

…well damn


Because I’m a nice guy, here it is:

Head towards Uptown on Providence

Right on Queens

Left on Elizabeth (eventually turns into Trade)

Left on Tryon

Left on 4th (downhill out of Uptown)

Right on Kings (by Captain Jack)

Right on 3rd (uphill into town)

Left on Tryon

Second Left onto Stonewall (turns into Kenilworth)

Left on East Blvd

Straight onto Queens Rd W

Right onto Hopedale


Disclaimer: I mapped this route with the full version of the map my run website on my phone, whilst on the shitter. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. We may run 7 miles tomorrow or it may be closer to 9. Call Matlock with all complaints.

20/20, don’t be puking all over the city tomorrow, I live there.



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