Christmas Week at Fortitude

19 Pax (including four Men’s Shelter guests) took advantage of a crisp, clear morning for the Christmas week edition of Fortitude.

After some fellowship and recruitment effort inside the shelter we began with Circle of Pain on the front porch: Side Straddle Hop, Low Slow Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Copperhead Squats, Carolina Dry Docks, Peter Parker

Mosey out of shelter lot, turn right, and pause at the underpass for People’s Chair. Cross Tryon for Sevens on Ashby (Diamonds and Jump Squats). Little Baby Crunches and Rosalita.

Back across Tryon to the Rockpile: Skullcrushers, Shoulder Press, Squat Curls (Slaughter heard this as “Squirrels”). Partner up in groups of 3 for Grinders. Top of Hill – Squats, Bottom – Merkins. Third man runs with rock. Rotate through until team does 100 squats and 100 merkins.

Back down Tryon towards uptown for some more LBCs, and then partner Four Corners. Round 1 – three burpees on each corner. 10 handslap merkins when you meet your partner. Round 2 – 5 Bobby Hurleys on each corner, 10 WWII situps each when you meet.

Finish up with 10 Grayson Allen Left, Right and head back to the Shelter lot for Circle of Trust.


  • Fortitude always delivers. T-claps to Pipeline, Slaughter and what is now a crew of regulars for building something special in a short period of time
  • No FNGs today but an all-star lineup of returning guests. It was inspiring to see everyone push through and finish despite various ailments, working through injuries, etc. Truly no man left behind, or where found
  • Burglar alarms ringing loudly during four corners but no police ever showed
  • Coffee was pretty good (the actual coffee, believe it or not) – fellowship even better
  • Redgrave wishes F3 was there more often and has been hitting the gym on off-days
  • Grayson Allen form takes some practice. The key is to extend your off-leg subtly and minimize excessive motion
  • Prayers out for Bout Time, Jennings, and family and others dealing with trials this Christmas season
  • Soon, Fortitude will have its own hoodie
  • Post, Q, and donate cold weather gear as we head into January and February


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