Office Christmas Party

All the valued employees of Attila, Inc., adorned in their favorite Christmas attire, arrived on time (even Kieffer!) and headed straight to the bar.  The spiked eggnog soon began to flow and the normal and customary office gossip was in full swing. Ahhhh, Christmas office parties….

With drinks in hand, we head to the best grass in F3 land.  SSH, IW, plank jacks, and copperheads get the blood flowin’ and the mumblechatter a flyin’.

Mosey to will call.  12 derkins, 20 dips.  RxR decreasing reps by 2 and 4 respectively till we run out of numbers.

Mosey to the fountain of youth.  Same routine with reverse grip incline Merkins and Bulgarian butt busters.

Mosey to the Sphinx.  Grab some chain.  3 sets of 1) overhand row holds (Forever henceforth to be known as the Iron Lotus, courtesy of Senor Chips.  Thought about asking how he came up with that name but thought the better of it – just too risky.  Probably best to just let it go.) 2) underhand Iron Lotus holds, 3) ab exercise (dolly, HtH, and flutters).

Mosey across Bridge to heartache hill.  Partner up.  Partner 1 runs up hill, does 5 squats and runs back down to flapjack with planking partner.  Keep it going for 10 minutes – at least that was the plan until too many cars, trucks, jeeps and other assorted vehicles kept interrupting us. (Do they not know who we are?!)

Assemble on Bridge for quick PC with round of LaLanne’s.

Mosey back to Sphinx for 2 more rounds of overhand and underhand Iron Lotus.

Mosey to fountain to 3 more rounds of reverse grip inclines and Bulgarian butt busters.

Mosey back to will call for 3 more rounds of derkins and dips.

Mosey back to start.  Reverse plank till all arrive.  Done.


Prayers go out to Steroid on the death of his grandmother.  Steroid has become one of the Attila stalwarts and was looking forward to leading today during Core’s Twelve Q’s of Christmas.  His charity today is the Children’s Miracle Network, an amazing organization that supports and provides funding for the care of children being served by CMN hospitals around the country.  The Levine Childrens Hospital at CHS provides this wonderful care to children every day here locally.  Steroid’s daughter has spent much time there being treated at Levine and he continues to serve on the Family Council there.

Please consider making a donation. Here’s how: go to Choose: “Infants and Children” (this assures funds go to Levine).  Then, be sure to note F3 in the comments section so the program’s director can track donations.  Thanks!

And thanks to all who have participated in all of Core’s Twelve Q’s of Christmas, the brainchild of the biggest child and biggest heart in all of F3: Rev Flo Rida.  Still two more days left; Core tomorrow and Confession on Sunday.

Merry Christmas to all.

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