Thats cool, watch this!

26 today….love it when we get a large crowd at Sparta.  Fuels my #Qjuice

Another warmish december morning.  And were off for a quick COP in the Rusans lot.

SSH and Merkin Roulette -5 IC each with no breaks (Regular, Widearm, Diamond, Right Stagger, Left Stagger, and the Trifecta).  Trifecta is a new one.  Same 1, 2, 3 count but 1=diamond, 2=merkin, 3=widearm.   So each full count is a threesome combo of chest pumping.

Head towards east blvd via Charlotte dr.  Stopping at the start of Worthington for some Mary.

Run Worthington all the way to South Blvd (about 1.5 miles) doing ascending burpees at each intersection until you hit South where you did 11 burpees.  Total count was 66.

Mary in the Mattress firm lot while the 6 gathers.

Down south blvd, to McDonald.   Run McDonald down to the entrance of the park.  Stopping at every intersection and speed bump for alternating Squats and Jumping Lunges, 20 each.

Mary while the pax gathers – with only 5 minutes left (i thought….more on that below).  Instructions were AYG into the park, max out pull ups (hopefully you did more than 10) and then back to home based OYO.


Up to the school windows for Dips/Derkins 11 and then 15 burpees.

COT v2.0


Great to have a big crowd right before Christmas.   Some non-regular studs showed up (Fish, Lee, Snots) and we chased them the whole time.   Great to have new guys to push/pull us today.

The Worthington Burpee is probably the most sinister routine in my deck of cards.   After the 7th intersection it catches up quick.   Fish dusted the pax, from what i could see in the dark several blocks up.   I know Lee was right there too.

The pax stayed together a bit more for the McDonald downhill run.

to the time fail….i pulled into the lot at 5:15 and Fish was next to his SUV (he actually drives places) and he’s doing Kettle Bell work and then runs out of the lot in a hurry.  Inspired, i take off after him and then run a quick loop rejoining the gathering group at 5:27 ready to roll.   Wanting to make sure i get Strava cred, i started my watch when i chased Fish out of the lot around 5:20.   Focusing on the timer on my Sh!tbit, not the clock, i had the pax back at based at 46 minutes in.  I even got my phone out of the car ready to record names, when actually it was only 6:10.   Thankfully i was quickly called out by the pax.  So, i thought.  We have a big group, the new 1st F terminator 2000, Lee, is present….i need to make up for this.   Up to the school and knocked out another 5 minutes of blood pumping work.   Lesson learned.


The pax came through with a good amount of gifts for Operation Sweet Tooth, filled Fishwraps SUV, who took them to Levines Children’s Hospital.  Well done, thank you, and Merry Christmas.

Prayers for Thin Slices oldest Daughter, who had surgery today on her arm.  I’m sure she is recovering nicely by now so pray for a speed recovery.

My man, Double Nickels has been traveling lately but we had the pleasure of his attendance today.  He lead us out in prayer, nailed it!

Doobie/Slice- thanks for the opportunity to lead.

-Redd Foxx

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  • December 23, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Agreed. The Worthington Burpee is quite possibly the rudest call in F3.

    Great job, Redd!

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