No Weasel Shaker – No Problem

OK – it’s the day after Christmas, not a true holiday but a very popular day to take off from work. And it’s cold –  32 degrees per the Weather Channel app. Not a good combination for bringing out Pax to a running workout.

Plus, the scheduled Q OBT (and creator of this workout) had to make a celebrity appearance at another workout (can only assume OBT heard someone was posting who hadn’t read “Freed to Lead”). YHC responded to the Weasel Shaker’s SOS signal and agreed to lead today using OBT’s already planned workout.

The combination of being the day after Christmas, cold temps & no Weasel Shaker reduced YHC’s expectations for Pax turnout today.  In fact as YHC trudged up Water Oak to RMS without seeing any cars pass by, the fear of no other Pax showing up seemed more likely than not.

Alas, when YHC turned into the RMS parking lot, there were 3 cars already there & a 4th pulled in a minute later. Yes, Virginia, there is a SIBling Rivalry workout today!

The Thang

400/ 800/ 1200/ 1200/ 800/ 400

Each segment followed by 200 recovery (400 for the 1200)

Spooky Jon took the reigns for Mary: Flutter, LBC, Heels to Heaven & various stability exercises.



New Years Day Convergence: 7am @ Freedom Park


Out of the six Pax who posted, three were SR FNGs.  Swing State claimed he showed up in part because OBT EH’d him last Friday with promises of a Weasel Shaker Q. Steroid carpooled with Swing State & turns out he came to the right place. You see, Steroid has already HC’d to run the Charlotte Matathon next November 2018. Final FNG was my fellow Sofa King Elite teammate Aquafresh. Now, that you three know where to find us, hope to see you on a regular basis.

Today marked Grave Dancer’s 2nd trip to SR. Despite wondering out-loud if it was a good thing that he could still taste his Christmas dinner in his mouth, Grave Dancer survived without incident.

As mentioned above, YHC was a last-minute sub for OBT. Decision to Q today was a no-brainer since YHC already planned to be here & OBT included his Weinke in his request for help.

While thinking about the stretching/ Mary portion of the workout during the final intervals, YHC came up with a genius idea – ask Spooky Jon to take over.  Spooky is one of the few Q’s in Metro who leads a full- fledge Varsity-level 6 Minutes of Mary.  It proved to be the right call as he mixed regular Mary exercises with special ones specific to improving your running performance.

To recap: YHC Q’d using OBT’s already planned workout so the only real decision I made was to hand off to Spooky for Mary.

As 2017 winds down, its that time when Pax start setting goals for 2018. Remember SIBling Rivalry is here to help you reach your running goals.




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