The One Where I Surprised Slaughter By Dressing Like A Man

This past  Thursday, I sacrificed my reputation and my ego to assist in the collection of pledges at the Come To The Table” event at Charlotte Country Club.  It has been explained to me that before I entered dressed as a Lunch lady, pledges were at $450.  After, $45,500.  I thought this was because of the levity that I brought to the event caused folks to add zero’s to their checks.  Slaughter says I scared them.  Either way,  Slaughter got the heebie jeebies and thought that I was going to be dressed like this from now on.  He’s silly that way.


So, when I pulled into the Uptown Men’s Shelter with the tradition workout apparel, he was relieved.  This relief did not last long.  Here’s why


COP with the standard. mainly because Doherty was at the same event Slaughter was at, and I needed Doherty to be comfortable that we would not do anything that might tarnish his reputation.  or, put a stain on his brand spankin’ new Tarheel hat.   Slaughter wanted to burn the hat, but I stopped him.  You gotta have self control, slaughter… jeez.


Mosy to the end of Washburn wear the ropes and heavy weights had been previously deployed.  partner up and while one partner was doing a called exercise, the other partner pulled the weight.   Pulling was modified to include hand over hand pulling, running with the weight behind you, and running backwards.  Called exercises were merkins, ssh, maktar jye, lunges, squats, flutter kicks, and some other stuff that escaped me now.

Called it quits on this when one of the pax laid down and refused to get up. No, it wasn’t Doherty, but I like the way you think.


mosey to  Washburn, and do one round of suicides with increased merkins at each telephone pole.  I don’t know why we still call these things telephone poles when no one has a home phone anymore, but internet poles seems clumsy.

Mosey home because Slaughter said so.  Seriously, he said we had to go home so we went home.

Plank and squats while we wait on the 6.


NMM: as I never unloaded the truck from Saturday, this was an easy repeat.  Surprising how hard this is, especially running backwards.  Slaughter actually stopped whining.  For a while.


Grateful that at the end of this workout, Doherty and I got to unload a truckload of warm clothes as part of the 12 Q’s of xmas event with CORE.


Slaughter had to go, as his  1/2 decaf coconut milk frothy extra cinnamon cappuccino  was getting cold…

See you next week.  Really, I have the Q next Tuesday as well.  Please come see me, I need the company.


Your friend,


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