Gamucci: I Never Played the Game

Must have been for 12 days of Christmas, as 12 faithful gathered for Wednesday morning luvin’.


  • Make way to Selwyn’s new brightly-lit RV parking lot for COP.
  • Run down entrance road with exercises, light pole-to-light pole.
  • Run up and over Spacklers with 50 merkins in route.
  • Set up camp at MPHS entrance arch for circuits around MPHS entrance drive and drop-off: merkins and dips. Circuits cut from five to three?!? No complaints.
  • Less than six minutes of Mary on the bottom.
  • Run back over Spackler with same drill down the hill.
  • Exercises light pole-to-light pole up the Selwyn entrance road.
  • Handrails are for pull ups; LBCs are for foul smells out the blow hole.
  • Finish in plank, held at six-inch height for long 10-count.
  • COT.

Nekkid News

  • Regular fare and not much chatter to get over the Kwanzaa blues.
  • Like a Rolling Stones, Eagles [pick your tired band] concert, old-timer Griswold appears from the darkness.
  • Well one call out: Booth blasted the poor choices of the Zumba instructor.
  • Fashion tip: Man-spanx don’t hold up if there’s nothing to hold them up.
  • Welcome to FNG Squirrel, second F3 workout ever, courtesy of McNugget and transportation by Tryon.
  • Gamucci regulars were absent: sensei 6Mike, Grape Juice, Kit, Rook, Robo, et al; karma was not the same.
  • Cougar was absent from the Jeep-with-no-top-crowd; Cougar fondly remembered: “the best coach ever that never played the game.”
  • Coffee-teria was lesson in finer points of saltwater fishing by Mr. Green.
  • Tryon’s COT prayer was…[choose your superlative] exceptional.
  • Until next time, peace be with you.

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