Post Holiday Slog

7 dedicated men shook off the holiday indulgences at Ranger this morning.  Here is what you missed.

The Thang:

Short mosey out of the lot, down the stairs and over to the playground for some circuit work.

  • 10 pull-ups, 15 squats, 20 merkins, and 25 dips (3 rounds)

Mosey over to the Castle for some stairs.

  • At the bottom, 10 shoulder tap merkins.  Up the stairs to the top floor and across toward the opposite stairs, stopping for 10 burpees in the middle.  Then down the opposite stairs and back to the opposite bottom stairs to start over. (4 rounds)
  • Mary waiting on the 6.

Mosey down Charlottetown toward Elizabeth and hang a right with the plan to run through the middle of CPCC and down all the stairs to Pease.  Construction impeded our progress somewhat, but we did eventually get around to the stairs and reach Pease and Elizabeth for a suicide stack up Elizabeth.

  • Suicide up Elizabeth to Charlottetown, stopping at each crosswalk and Charlottetown for stacking merkins. (5, 10, 15, 20)  Each time running back to the bottom at Pease.  Mary waiting on the 6.
  • Back up Elizabeth stopping at each crosswalk and Charlottetown for 10 sumo jump squats at each stop.
  • Stop at Charlottetown for a brief pause.  Then 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey left down Charlottetown heading back toward the lot and hang a right on E. 5th Street.  About a quarter of the way up toward Torrence, shift to bear crawl until you reach the start of the hedge row on the left.  Then head home for COT.

Naked Moleskin:

Light crew this morning to say the least.  Was beginning to think we had an all out bail from the PAX at 5:20, and no one had shown.  Then around the corner came the Slaughtsmobile and Starbuck’s official FBI issued SUV.  Soon followed by Lee on foot, Boone, Holtz, and Tormund.  It was certainly tough for YHC to get back into the gloom this morning, after a few days of no exercise other than 12 ounce curls and carb loading with friends and family.  We did actually manage to work in some ping pong and foosball, which at least required standing.

Lee set the pace all morning, including the initial playground exercise circuit and actually did some mary by himself at various times while waiting on the rest of us.  (#beast)  Not much mumble chatter this morning with the low bat flipper count.  That’s sure to pick back up in the new year.  YHC nosed out Lee for his first War Daddy award.  Next stop, club Rifty.  The group decided that Starbuck is apparently being transferred to the Mooresville FBI Headquarters based on his new living arrangements.  It’s the only possible explanation.  Slaughter informed us that the homeless shelter had more returning champions than PAX yesterday for the first time at Fortitude, so we need more guys to start posting.  YHC has only been twice, so guilty as charged.  They also need more cold weather gear.  New Year’s Day Convergence at Freedom Park at 7:00.  Sir Topham Hat is running the show.

Thanks for the keys CMD.  Always an honor.

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