With a little help from my friends

Left on East, right on QRW, left on Radcliffe and to the playground area behind Meyers Park Traditional.

10 pullups/20 merkins/30 lbcs then hop the fence and run the Queens U. dormitory stairwell then back to the playground.  3 rounds with quick stop for knee ups IC before third round.

Mosey back down Radcliffe and QRW to Sherwood.  Run Sherwood to Queens & back with 10 stops along the way for 10 diamond merkins.

Mosey QRW to Norton.  Russian twists IC.

4 corners action: backwards run Norton to Hertford for 5 burpees.  To Sherwood for 10 jump squats.  To QRW for 15 wide arms.  To Norton for 20 double count freddy mercury.

Back to the gravel lot stopping once for 25 merkins. COT


None of the pax seemed too eager to be posting but we got to work repaying our pound of flesh. Santa brought Bermuda Boy new running shoes and workout gloves but he’s still chapped over the loss of his beloved yellow parka.  Tommy Lee strong on the stairs circuit while Chairthrower out front on Sherwood.  HE both late & vindictive, quick to point out YHC didn’t know bear sh*t from blueberry jam after a brief directional misstep on the run to Sherwood.  This after YHC had stopped on East so he could catch the group after a late arrival.  Sheep much more helpful in getting YHC back on track.  Tclaps to Screech as he continues ramping up the mileage for his first marathon in March – better you than me.  Thanks to ReddFoxx for the lead.

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