SharkTank BB

Exercises Performed:  Running, stairs, hand-release merkins, rock squats, overhead rock press, rock curls, single-leg rock lunge, dips, merkins, knee-ups, dolly, flutter, little baby crunches, wall sits, burpees.

Tip of the Day:  Had lunch with a 99 year old man yesterday.  Homeboy will be triple digits in April.  “I’m 99 and 2/3” he said.  There’s some wisdom in that old man that you can’t get on an iPhone or Google.  Find an old soul and invite him to lunch or for an afternoon Scotch.  You might learn something.

Well Wish of the Day:  Mrs. Gandalf is hatching a little Elf any day now – by Monday at the latest.  They haven’t decided on a name yet but Tharkun, Stormcrow, Mithrandir and Incanus are on the short list.

MVP of the Early Show:  TML showed up ready to roll.  For the 1st 15.  He blended in with the crowd the last 45.

MVP of the Standard Fare:  No one.  Try harder next week.

New Information Learned:  Shank has a weird thing for putting sand in stuff.  He’s like the Bubba Gump of sand.  You can put sand in little bags, big bags, medium sized bags, burlap bags, durable plastic bags, rubber bags, buckets, buckets with handles.  His stocking was full of sand and every present he opened had various amounts of sand.  He had white sand, black sand, brown sand, grey sand.

Best Groomed:  Vorhees hair was on point this morning.  Don’t act like you didn’t appreciate it. Shake that man’s hand next time you see him.

Dck Move of the Morning:  I witnessed Hillary spit on at least 4 your rocks.  You thought no one was looking.  But I was.  I was.  I won’t say who’s you spit on though.  That’s on you.

bllz Sentimental Corner:  Happy New Year fellas.  It was a good 2017 for the Ball Family and a small but significant part of that was spending way too early mornings with you clowns.


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