The 6 Year Cherokee Anniversary 1 Week Early Because Belk Cannot be There Jan 1

Cherokee….The workout named for a road in Eastover. The workout which started, after many other Metro workouts, but has the distinction of starting on the 1 year anniversary of the launch of F3Nation. The workout that moved seamlessly from Eastover Neighborhood Park to the Mint at Randolph after neighbors complained of exuberant and loud imperial walkers. Cherokee the workout that over time that has championed and cultivated the FNG,  FNGs who in turned have unselfishly given their time as Qs and SiteQs helping F3-Metro maintain its continual quest to invigorate male community leadership.

17 Pax arrived and rallied around the shovel flag. Many Pax we were there to help Belk celebrate this incredible workout’s 6year milestone which still has not happened since Jan 1st is not til Monday. Many pax arrived determined to support and help Raider vent his grievances aloud and perform feats of strength to celebrate Festivus, the holiday only a top notch Sitcom can create.

The Thang

SSH and IW to wait on Raider and Groupon

Mosey to Backside of the Mint or 2 minutes on and 30 seconds of rest and rotate stations for Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls of Wonder, Jump Ropes, 45 or 50lb KB Goblet Squats, 3Chair Merkins(chest goes below chair seat), Cinderblock medley lunges, swings, step-ups, Tri ceps, Curls, 40lb KB Push Press, Moving Dolly AB cruncher.

Run Hempstead Hump Up and Over hang for planking and lbcs,

Back to gear 1 minute on and 30 seconds rest rotate stations

Head back for COT


CHICO concerned all the lifting would prevent him fitting in all to certain new Christmas clothing

Raider showing amazing feats of strength actually lifting the 50lb KB

Malko swinging a cinderblock between his legs like it was his 3rd leg

Cuda TClaps for ending his hoarding issue and bringing out the F3 Christmas tree ornaments for all the old and new guys

GlennRice steady as he goes no problem with the 50lb Kb that is what he swings  @ Diamondhead #shamelessplug

GAAP did a his own bearcrawl and recommends shopping at Marshall’s for discounted high viz workout garments

So excited about the week early 6 year anniversary celebration,  Tantrum arrived 4 minutes pre launch!

Sump “The Gentle Beast” ass kicking battle ropes

DeerTick jump rope expert, Belk,EyeChart and YHC jump rope fails

Boomer Navy Officer and Gentlemen Push Press aficionado

Alphabet and Groupon #fightingQuaker wanted to run threw medicine ball high in the sky, not.

Big Shout Out to Van Winkle #ran4milesb4workout, SkoalBandit and Eminem(out of town but there in spirit) for bringing a ton of gear and helping setup stations for the pax

All I know is this….YHC had a kickass time this morning doing things a little bit different.  As usual The veteran pax pushed themselves and never ceased contributing to the peanut gallery. The laughing and one liner zingers never ceased and flowed over to coffeteria. Next time you have an FNG bring them out to Cherokee. Gotta love this F3 thang.


Chico and Malko looking for 2 new teammates to add to their Palmetto 200 roster.

DeerTick is the awesome siteQ at MIP and he wants u 2 join him Saturday mornings at CLT Rescue at 9am

GlennRice Virgin Q @ Diamondhead Jan 22

TClaps from Pax on F3 Foundation luncheon #menofaction

Keep Pushing the Envelope Boys, Watch It Bend









First Post 6/1/2013 Cherokee

One thought on “The 6 Year Cherokee Anniversary 1 Week Early Because Belk Cannot be There Jan 1

  • December 29, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    Awesome Q, Ribeye. High quality pseudoanniversary. I remember fondly your FNG workout, at Cherokee, when you were named Yoda for reasons that I don’t remember, and then renamed Ribeye later for reasons that are non-specific but appropriate.

    Great to see so many Cherokee vets out. Warms the heart. And Ribeye nailed it — Cherokee is a leadership factory.

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