For real men only

Clear and cold – just the way it should be for a Christmas week edition of Bastion.  Wind chills in the teens promoted some weak grumbling about a trip to the #HotBox, but staying out in the elements forces the pax to keep moving.  And that was just what we did.

The Thang – Cocktail Hour

– Mr. Drummond was the sole member of the Pax to join YHC for extra credit, not that he had much of a choice as YHC chauffeured him to the AO to ensure no repeat of his fartsacking the previous morning at Governator

– We hit the Brookridge / Greentree loop with stops at each of the 8 streetlights for 10x Merkins oyo, then crossed a surprisingly busy Providence for dips x15 IC and LBCs x20 IC right outside of the Flywheel

The Thang – Main Course

– Pick up another 9 pax at the virtual shovel flag, then head up the driveway for a conversion to Methodism

– Brief pause for some SSH IC while waiting on a late-arriving GAAP (insert your joke about the redundancy of that statement here).  Notice and approvingly comment on GAAP’s solid Tar Heel toboggan #winner

– Convert to Methodism, pausing only to knock out 15x dips IC before crossing Providence and heading nonstop to the cul-de-sac on Ferncliff.  Plank with some right/left arm high followed by some six inches with BFE 10 count

– Play time’s over, so let’s get to work.  Hard up Ferncliff to Woodlark for 20x merkins, MCs, squats, and LBCs with stops at the speed bumps on the way up and down for progressive count hand-release merkins from 1 – 4

– A little Mary to catch your breath, then rinse and repeat with hand-release burpees replacing the HR merkins

– More Mary, then partner up for some accountability work.  P1 heads down Ferncliff and then up Audubon, while P2 heads up Ferncliff then left on Woodlark.  Meet for 20x partner derkins, then continue on your way before meeting in the cul-de-sac for 25x partner elevated sit ups

– Flapjack directions, then rinse & repeat

– More Mary

– Excessively long backwards run up Ferncliff to Woodlark, then 10x wide arm merkins IC

– Play frogger across Sharon Amity, then grab some rail in front of Eddie’s Place for 10x supine pull ups IC and 10x derkins IC

– Let GAAP and his blindingly bright and strangely-positioned light take the lead (not sure you’re supposed to wear a headlamp at crotch level, but maybe that’s the thing to do these days)

– Bear crawl a bit of the lot and time’s up

Naked Man Moleskine

– Strong and fast crew out there this morning helped push the pace and kept the Pax warm

– Grizzly went gloveless, while Nabisco’s ratty old pair looked like it had seen better days.  According to the Grizz, once your paws go numb the cold doesn’t really bother you #toughguy

– One week after celebrating his 52nd birthday with a Bastion Q, Chowda showed that he hasn’t lost a step #oldmanfast.  The other Respects in attendance weren’t far behind

– GAAP’s headlight elicited the most mumblechatter. YHC is still confused as to why he was wearing it near his justifier

– Egypt is fluent en Espanol (note: fluency based on ability to count to 15)

– Beards were pretty popular.  Keeps the face nice and warm

– The #HotBox will have to wait til next time

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

God bless,





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