I Do Hope You Stayed Warm & Comfy Inside in Your New Silk Kimono

Given the vacation week and cold front I set the virtual over/under for today at six, which turned out to be optimistic, as possibly an all-time low of three (3) pax posted.  Yes it was kind of cold but no wind or precipitation. Learn to layer, aye.

With the smaller crew, I shelved Plan A which called for a variety of awesome partner work around the AO.

Instead we started with rare on-premise COP (Merkinsx32 IC, LSSx20 IC, Peter Parkerx14 IC) JIC Mr. D (who had purportedly HC’d) or others showed late, then set off around the track (playground head fake), through the portal toward parts unknown. Couple stops along the way for Merkinsx16 IC, Merkinsx8 IC, Merkinsx4 IC with some Mary mixed in before arriving at Shar. Sq.

Briefly scout the SS deck then begin climb to top. Deck is all ramps, no flats, two stairwells.  It is a Michelin 1 star deck, but only because of the view at the top. Not bad for the burbs. Stop at top of each ramp (7) for 5 burpees. Mary at the top and then begin the stealth Merkin overlay ladder back up with 4 IC.

Zipper back down the stairs stopping for 10 WWII situps in the middle of each ramp.

Time to head back, stop for Merkins x8 IC and Merkins x16 IC, some more Mary.

Back through the gates, hit the playground for real for 14s (12-2, 10-4, 8-6, etc) of Pullups and Russian Twists.

Long way back around to launch point. 64 Merkins OYO. Do 5 WWII situps every time you break the set. End.

We logged ~3.6 miles and did a decent amount of upper body and core. A little light on leg work.

As always it was an honor to lead. Small workouts have that foxhole vibe and spur great camaraderie, and as an added bonus we had 67% participation at coffeeteria.

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