2017’s A Wrap for Mustang

Partner up and head down to the brick archway.

  • Partner 1 run up the hill and around the circle and back while partner 2 holds decline plank on the wall.  Flap jack.
  • Round 2 same thing but throw in some decline parker peters while you plank.
  • Jump ups x 10, dips x 15, derkins x 12, derkins x 12, dips x 12, jump ups x 10

Over to the bottom of the back side of Spacklers.  6 stops with 6 wide-arms each: top, MP entrance, back to top, down back side, top, MP entrance.

Down the hill and into the Selwyn entrance.  Wheelbarrow to the cut out leading up to Folsom.  5 times around the loop with 5 Xfit merkins at the top and at the bottom.

Back out to the entrance. Some more wheelbarrow.

Backwards run to the top of Spacklers stopping at each speed bump and the MP entrance for 5 down hill burpees.  Hold squat to make sure your legs are awake.

Down the back of Spacklers to the trail.  Partner 1 grab a rock and run.  Partner 2 10 declines and chase.  Continue to the other end.

Down the hill a ways on the MP entrance off Runnymede, bear crawl to the gate.  Over to the hill leading down to the trail.  Ladder to 5 with burpees.

Parking lot loop with 10 knee-ups at each speed bump and the ends.

AYG home.


  • Got caught looking around a couple of times this morning trying to figure out what to do next, a result of last minute Q request from Holtz.  Thankfully there is an endless supply of options around the campus to bring some pain.  Coming up on 7 years and this AO still entertains.
  • Swamp was getting tested a bit up front by high school whippersnapper Proehl who pushed hard all morning.  Brings me back to my high school days when I would voluntarily get up on a Saturday morning to hit an early-morning bootcamp.
  • Curly, Gandalf, Girardi, and even old man Hillary were also pushing the front.  If you combined up hill Girardi with down hill Danny, you’d have a hell of a BRR runner.
  • Proehl destroyed the field on the bear crawl.  Pretty sure I could take him on a pub crawl though.
  • Agony was slower than usual but then we found out he was vested which is very impressive.  At the end of the workout Swamp offered to swaddle him in his repurposed baby blanket he was using as a towel, which I thought was pretty sweet.
  • A rare KC sighting at Mustang who HC’d over beers yesterday.  Always great to get a visit from the Chicken.
  • Thanks for the ask Holtz, always a pleasure.

Convergence Monday 7am at Freedom.


2 thoughts on “2017’s A Wrap for Mustang

  • December 30, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Hey, Proehl’s back. Aye.

    Chicken must be starting his NYResolutions early.

  • December 30, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    TML, great Q today. Proehl has some serious game. Biggest rock selection award goes to preacher boy Agony and Hillary. A full 5 lb’er. Great ot be back in the fold with so many great guys. 2017 was an awesome year. 2018 is the year of the Rifty.

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