The Devil, The Angel, And The Rest of Ya’ll.

In all things , there are opposites.  There’s hot and cold, democrat and republican, open and closed.

And then, there’s me and marv.

We’ll come back  to that later.

First,we gathered for the COP.  The  standard was performed, and thus a foundation for consistency was established.

Mosey to the field  by Cedar  for the Bearway to heaven.  Bearcrawl ½ way across the field and do a burpee. Increase by 1 every time you bearcrawl, then decrease by 1.   Total crown pleaser.

Mosey to the parking lot for partner rock work.   Run while partner does curls, presses and some other stuff I forget.

Do one set of 11’a with protractors and merkins.


Circle up with marv in the middle and yhc on the outside.   All the pax circled around marv, YHC patrolling the perimeter.  Hold rock above head while marv encourages and I discourage.  No quitters, which is a testament to Marv’s positive vibes.

Mosey to elevated  covered area for 11’s of squats and Bulgarian split squats.

Head back, stopping for a little Mary at the field.


NMM:  So Marv is an Angel.  Not exactly a news flash. But in order for YHC to be the Devil, I knida had to work at it. It’s just not in my nature. But for the purpose of this end of year workout, it had to happen.  Fun group today, great mixture of ages and fitness abilities.  I stayed late and talked with Crouton afterwards—guy is so grateful for what we do.  It’s not just the workout, it’s the time spent with “regular” guys, and a reminder of how great life can be for these guys once they get the help they need with their addiction.   Come join us—we have a lot of fun and are in the midst of a goodness that transcends all of us.,

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