The Innovative idiot

Ahh… the final core workout for YHC to Q in 2017.  What a year it has been—truly, I had exhausted my supply of new and innovative ideas after 11 months of creative contemporary contortions.  And yet, in the wee hours of Saturday…another innovative imaginative interaction came to me.

By wee hours, I mean 6:15.  And by innovative and imaginative, I mean I found my ty down straps.


Here’s how  we let our Freak Flag Fly on Saturday:

COP: The standard.  Like Howdown’s hairstyle I can be counted on ( I saw pix of him and his twin brother circa 1983 and yup….no changes).

Main event:  Tie down straps looped over the pull up bars.  Attach your KB, and do exercises similar to those that you do with cables.  2 other pain stations were squats/hammer curles and dips/ lawnmowers.  “Cable” exercises were standing  and seated pulls, and the tricep extensions.

Mosey to the Residential Quad for partner/2 bell work.   One man runs, one man does 2 bell squats, static over head hold, and chest press and protractor.

Finish with a little Mary.   Because even the most innovative run out of stuff to do.

NMM:  the cold went away quickly.  The more we hurt, the less cold we were.  Fun group, with innovative mumble chatter.  By innovative I mean insulting.


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