I do not accept excuses! I’ll just have to find myself a new giant.

Doubled our numbers from last week.

Just another 1st Tuesday of the month. What we did:

Warm up run down BD Dr to Carnegie Blvd.

Longer intervals: Clockwise loop on Carnegie from BD to BD (call it 0.6+ miles). Jog BD recovery between intervals. Repeat x4. Shorter intervals: Counterclockwise loop on Carnegie from Congress to Congress (0.4+ miles). Jog Congress to recover. Repeat x3.

Cool down back to AG. Estimate 7+ miles.

Sub4 leads the pack. He needs some company upfront if anyone fast is reading. Federalist is by far the most consistent attendee at SIB. Disney – well he hates AYG sprints week but shows up well for anything else. I’m grateful for all of these guys holding me accountable.

Next month or so at SIB we will stick with longer intervals – might even forgo sprints week on the 4th Tuesday. Plans are still TBD. If you are curious, show up on Tuesday and see what happens.


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