New Year, New Q, SOS

The Thang:

14 men braved the 20 degree weather for the inaugural 2018 Bandit workout.

Mosey up East to Kenilworth with a quick set of dips and durkins on the wall out front of the People’s Market to get warm. Partner up for a set of dead presidents with 10 partner durkins at each cross street. Quick mary at the bottom then mosey to corner of Morehead and Kenilworth for a run at the Morehead half mile (stolen from myself from a prior Latta Q).

Corner of Morehead & Kenilworth to the DNG parking lot is a half mile and has exactly 10 driveways / roads that cross the sidewalk in between. Run up Morehead towards DNG alternating 10x true Americans (plank jack pushups) and 10x 180 degree sumo squats at each driveway. Quick mary from Red Foxx in DNG parking lot while we wait for the 6.

Back down the Morehead half mile alternating 5x burpees and 10x jumping lunges at each driveway.

Mosey over to the base of the Scott/Kenilworth hill for some plank work. Up Scott to East for another set of dips and durkins on the People’s wall.

AYG back to the parking lot. With 14 in the Pax – the “winner” of the AYG wins 14 burpees, next gets 13, and so on with the 6 only winning 1 burpee.


  • My FNG workout was at Bandit last year in February on a 15 degree day. Figured this was an appropriate day for my first Bandit Q.
  • Someone buy Nash a thermometer (if people still use those), or at least a weather app so he knows when it’s not shorts weather
  • Bermuda Boy is going to tear his other ACL if he keeps stepping on people
  • This is my second Q in a row that Doobie has skipped. Not drawing conclusions. Just facts.
  • I will now be referring to the wall outside People’s Market as the People’s Wall
  • I will have to find a new name for the wall when the People’s Market inevitably goes out of business (If you haven’t been there, try it. You’ll see what I mean.)
  • Consider incorporating more tiered reps with those out front doing more and those in the back (cough – using proper form – cough) doing less. Will refer to this as the “socialist”.
  • Good take out by MMOB.
  • MMOB, FYI – Wikipedia states that “Historians and other scholars generally rank Franklin Pierce among the worst of US Presidents”.

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