Special Muthaship Monday Event

A ONE GLOOM ONLY running of the ‘Ship

WHEN: Monday, January 8, 2018

TIME: 0515 – 0615

WHERE: Elizabeth Park Parking Lot, corner of 4th and Kings, by the Cap’n Jack Statue. More parking at St. Mary’s Chapel across the street.

WHY: Because it’s there!

Forget about your regularly scheduled programs, they’ve all been cancelled.

P2W relocated. HeBeAllRight v4.0 cancelled. Meathead (I got money on Ribeye reading this PB and then, you guessed it… cancelled)

All other surrounding regions and AO’s have cancelled.

**YHC was unable to reach Split Endz for participation or comment. Daisy’s Qing BHM. The Over/Under on Copperhead is 3.

You’ll want to be at Muthaship Monday.

This will be a convergence of the fittest, strongest, ugliest (highly competitive if Fort Mill, Area51, SOB, LKN and MECA show up; Metro’s in the clear if Ewok attends) and baddest mf’ers in @F3Metro.

Warm up:

Partner and haul ass TO THE TOP of the ‘Ship (aka the most horrible mile in Charlotte). COP for the six.

The Thang:

One takes the stairs DOWN, the other, the spiral.

Each time you cross paths at the bottom: 10 Leg Throws, 10 Jump Squats

One takes the spiral UP, one takes the stairs.

Each time you cross paths at the top: 10 Dumbocrats EACH

Dumbocrat Defined: Partner derkin position with each man pushing the ground simultaneously. Flapjack for 10 more.

Additional: Each team needs to experience the glory of the #Skybridge. You have to do this. One time only. The Skybridge is on L4 on the westside of the structure. If you’re directionally challenged follow these instructions:

First, you’ll need a needle. Plenty of those in the stairwell, then-

  • Prepare or locate some standing water… a puddle of pee, maybe…
  • If you have a magnet (bring a magnet), using one pole of the magnet, magnetize the needle by repeatedly moving the magnet in a single direction along the needle’s length.
  • Place the needle gently on the leaf – using an indigenous plant to Charlotte’s Center City will do….
  • Determine which way is north. …
  • You are now ready to find your direction.

Head west.

Skybridge route: cross it and stay to your right, up the ramp to the stairwell on the right, down a flight, then back out and to the Skybridge on your right #MazeRunner

YHC will have an attendant at the Skybridge. Using a black marker, this attendant will write “moron” on the palm of your left hand for confirmation and re-entry to the ‘Ship. Without it, well, your post to the ‘Ship will be incomplete and you will be disqualified.


Time will be called at 0603 and we’ll meet at entry level of garage for the last leg of competition to completion.

Sound good? Good.

DISCLAIMER: While I’m not actually responsible for your well-being, I feel like I am, and I want everyone participating in this event to be smart and safe. We run on busy streets, we cross at busy intersections. Take your time and make good decisions.

The ‘Ship is a tough workout. If at any time you start feeling “off” let me or the closest man to you know about it and we’ll take care of you.

Hope to see you out!


2 thoughts on “Special Muthaship Monday Event

  • January 3, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    I am going to hate this but I will be there. We are going to figure out how out of #muthashape we are. Question – Is each team member experiencing the skybridge?

  • January 4, 2018 at 1:02 pm

    Fish has been talking this up for a couple of days, but I didn’t really think it was real, not until I saw it on he InterNetz. Now I know it’s real.

    CONFIDENT PREDICTION: TeamRifty will dominate this event. Why? Because we’re old and ripped, that’s why. #StrapIn

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