Ahh, the warmth of the deck

Oh how good the fartsack feels when it’s 18 degrees outside.  Not good enough to strangle the intrepid 6 who arrived early chomping at the bit and pawing at the ground, ready for those magic words: “And they’re off!”

Off to the Queens parking deck we went.  Up to the top and back down.  As many trips as you could manage in the allotted time.  Each time at the bottom do a quick set of merkins, sit ups and squats.  Start with 2 reps each and increase by 2 each time.

I think we managed 7 round trips.  Soon in it felt like a nice and pleasant 60 degrees.


Admittedly, not a lot of hanging around afterward -after all, it was 18 degrees.  Raid with a terrific takeout reminding us of what the the freshness of a new year can bring to us.

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