Kung Fu Crazy

Sometimes you can predict what will happen at a workout. Like today, it was still pretty cold so only the manliest of man would show. I saw that coming.   What I didn’t see coming was the way Motley danced when the playlist cranked up. In his defense, we started off with Kung Fu Fighting which is hard to resist. But , man… he broke it down for the whole COP. I mean he did no SSH, IW, Sharon Towers or Merkins. He just danced.

The tough part was, I kinda dug it. I mean not like he’s a stripper or something, but the 6’4’ ginger’s gotta thang goin on. I don’t know how—he’s ½ Viking and ½ Lumbee. How that combination could create rhythm I’ll never know. But hey.. it happened, so there you go.


After motley got done dancing, the sh*t got real. I mean like REALLY real. I put the weinke together last night after a smart sack day. I was feeling strong, and probably over did it. No, not probably, I REALLY over did it.   Here’s how the overly did got done.


5 x 5 x 5

5 outboards, 5 nosebreakers 5 times

5 inboards, 5 renegade rows 5 times

5 snatches, 5 greg lougainis 5 times

5 squat press, 5 hammer curls, 5 times

In between each set we did 5 sprints across the parking lot.

Time for negatives. 5 sets of inboard and outboard negatives, pulling up with 2 hands then releasing and fighting the decline over a 5 count.


Mosey to the lake for 1 set of 11’s with double protractors and flat back chest press.

Would have done some Mary but we were out of time.


NMM: Sprinting, interspersed with heavy lifting is one of the best ways to lose weight. And a great way to stay warm As Valdese stripped away 3 layers, I stripped 1 and took off my hat, I think we got the heat part done just right.   Motley was in shorts which is crazy but consistent.

During the sprints we all discovered how damn fast hoedown is. Holy sh*t he can fly. I tried to keep up but couldn’t do better than trail by 3 or 4 steps.   I think we all wanted to quit on the sprints but no one did. That’s why guys like us can’t go to planet fitness. We need eachother. I don’t know if it’s because there is a need to push each other and collectively we are stronger, or if we are just naturally quitters and if left to our own devices, we will come up with a reason to cut out a few sets every chance we get.


Funky fun playlist. Hope you enjoyed hearing it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

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