Nancy Drew is out Narc is in (kinda)

It was 16 degrees out this morning. And if you were like me, and I think we all were, we neglected to bring our bells in last night to warm up. Hillary wears ski gloves as soon as it drops below 55 degrees, and stays in bed below freezing. Narc did not bring any gloves at all. What was even worse, he was wearing a Tarhole b-ball jersey. I guess in celebration of their loss to Florida State the other night. Luckily I have an extra carton of Trojan Magma XLs in the car and we loaded him up with a few each hand. Didn’t understand his sideways smirk until I realized late in the workout that they were ribbed for HIS pleasure. He said they were surprisingly grippy.

Either way 5 showed up. That’s all we needed.


The thing

  • Parking lot warm-up with SSH, merkins, 2-handed swings.
  • Mosey to the field for The Beast. 6 of each. burbees, x-fit merkins, and snatch. x-fit in the middle. 6 of each exercises, 6 trips across both fields and the hill. Wicked.
  • Bells to the hill. Bear crawl bell drag up, walk down, backwards bear crawl up, walk down. 3 rounds of that.
  • 10 alternating one-handed swings, 10 push press each arm, 10 high pulls, sprint up the field to fence and back. x 3
  • Mary
  • 10 bent row each arm, 10 goblet squats, 10 curlz for the gurlz. sprint down and back. x3
  • All 6 of those exercises. Same reps. Then Same 6 exercises, half the reps; x2.
  • COT
  • Killer take-out by me. Men were moved.


  • I mentioned it was cold. Feeling your fingers and toes was optional. And for some reason my nipples hurt. Bearded Lee also complained of frozen fingers and toes. I neglected to ask about his nipples.
  • Nancy Drew has dutifully commanded control of the baddest kettle bell/sprint workout on Friday in Metro for 2 years now. He has done an exceptional job despite his alarmingly boring weekly tweets and frequent trips to Mexico #mule. Thanks for your leadership ND. It has been a pleasure serving under you, sir.
  • Next up, the dopest 22 year-old no glove wearing, Roy loving, sneaky fast, millennial this side of the Gold Man. He is excited for the opportunity and is looking for suggestions on ways to improve Combine. Welcome to the bridge, Captain Narc. Suggestions he has received thus far…
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Add a Foosball table
    • Ladies night
    • Beard day
    • Kettlebells and sprints
    • More cowbell
    • A bronze statue of our favorite cotton-clad founder. Sans bicycle.
    • Funny hats for everyone
    • Double parking space for Hillary’s giant BMW (no the suggestion was not from Hillary).
    • Converge with The Phoenix (not sure how that will work).
  • Feel free to pass along any additional suggestions. Like I told him, I will do anything in the world I can do to help as long as it is absolutely nothing more that my occasional Q.
  • Thank you Bearded Lee for bringing me your donations for the upcoming F3 mission trip to Peru. I’ll deliver in person.
  • Tomorrow is Saturday. In case the holiday has you screwed up on your days.

Until next time.

Your friend,


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