Epiphany Becomes A Grind

I at first thought on my way that I might be the only one to post at MIP, but as I arrived there were already 3 in the lobby ready to get at it.  Then another 6 appeared.  MIP carries on no matter the weather.

Today is the Epiphany, so we re-enacted an MIP version of the visit to LBJ from the Wise Men.  Did I get your attention – yes! we put on essentially a post Christmas pageant – including an actual LBJ wrapped in swaddling clothes (when was the last time you wrote or typed “swaddling”, or said it repeatedly at an F3 workout – it’s a funny little word).

The pageant warm up – SSH, Squats, Don Quixotes outside the lobby, then as Rev configed his music, we moseyed to a spot which will act as our Bethlehem.

The pageant – Warm up in prep for the main act before splitting up into teams of 3.

Partner 1 at a distance of 15 lunges from the place where LBJ lay did star jacks while Partner 2 lunged walk towards LBJ stopping halfway to visit with Herod where we greeted Herod with 5 Good Mornings before exiting Herod’s palace by saying good bye with 5 Monkey Humpers.  Then proceeded to lunge walk to where LBJ lay.  On finding LBJ, Partner 2 continued by doing 5 prisoner gets ups before offering F3 gifts to LBJ of 5 merkins, 5 LBCs, and Squats until Partner 1 came around to relieve him.  All this time Partner 3 was already at LBJ doing squats waiting for Partner 2 to relieve him.  When leaving LBJ, we moseyed away from how we approached avoiding running across Herod, wrapping around all the the others groups doing Star Jacks, making the way back to where the team started.  We did this so that each person on the team visited LBJ 3 times.  If anyone can make any sense of this, God Bless You!  You must have a lot of patience for respect Qs with crazy ideas.

Being that it’s Epiphany, and God’s favorite sport is Football, LBJ came out of his swaddling clothes and took the form of a football – amazing what God can do.  We moseyed up to the statues outside the Panther stadium and did a series of different types of merkins at 6 different light poles before doing a Redskin run back to the patio for COP.

Always a blessing to Q at MIP.  Good to see Zookeeper made his way back to Rebound to continue the work.  Prayers go out to our brother from the Olive Gospel Mission in Charleston who lost his battle with addiction.


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