Game, what game?

The day after New Years, and the night after the tigers coughed it up…many a pax were up late watching this travesty and that coupled with the chill in the air left us with 6 dedicated men who said “No Excuses” to the New Year.

It was time for Black Widow 2018 to begin….

There we were in the Trinity Baseball lot as the clock struck 5:25, the moon was full and low as we headed out into the gloom, the puffs of breath could be seen through the strong and clear moonlight as these dedicated men made their way towards the newly minted front entry of TPC.  A quick stop in the shadow of the steeple for some 18 counts of the following New Year warmups:

SSH, Copperhead Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers and Flutters got the PAX ready for what was to come next.

I knew the mileage would be low today and the goal was to get the New Year started off using the tools afforded us by the HotBox.  And so we took up our charge up through Providence Road and into the HotBox where we were greeted with a quick warmup session of 18 counts of the following:




In any order, just hit the number

Next, we took off for the coupons and got setup with the big and little coupons for the next round of exercises:

18 Block Merkins and 18 Block Derkins

Then to the tower.  98 steps and 4.5 flights, the heat was on inside of Providence Plaza making the layers that were staked up seem very unreasonable.   I felt the need to begin to shed layers but knew better than to fall for this trap so early as we had quite a few more rounds to go within the “HotBox” on a 12* morning.

Back down to the coupon stations for a quick round of upper body work:

18 curls with the small blocks followed by 18 curls with the big blocks

Back to the tower for round two.

Up the stairs, through the office and back down the other side.  The heat was on.

Back to the coupons:

18 full block pickups followed by some Mary time for LBCs, and Flutters.

Back to the tower, up and down.

18 pull-ups, Merkins and Squats again.

Last run up and down the tower.

Blocks back and had out into the Gloom.

Run up to the Bar at Eddies for some Pull-ups and Derkins

Make our way back to the cross streets of the AO with various forms of bipedal movement.

Stop at the bus stop to regain composure and get some belly time on the asphalt then AYG to the Shovel Flag.



Raider has been missing from BW for a while now and we need him to keep coming back.  He is a Black Widow original and some say he was there even when the BW shovel flag was first planted #rumorhasit  I also here that he has a new years resolution to hit every Black Widow session of 2018, we shall see if he can keep his commitments….oh yeah, he also had some layering issues at the hotbox but its better to be prepared.

GraveDancer hasn’t been out at the Widow in a long time either, something about his vulva hurting or not wanting to wake up to early, I didn’t catch all of it but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a regular now with Raider.

Sea World, that headlamp bro…we need you to find the red light mode, you were f-in up the full moon glory but you don’t care, you just want to avoid those damn Hickory Nutz # Neverforget, also layered up too much for the hotbox but whatever, well done my friend.

Chowda, at 52, you’re a rockstar, looking forward to chasing your ass in 2018, nuf said.

Big Worm you were rocking the Rocky Style again and damn sure kickin it, proud of you.  It was cold.

I booked this Q many months ago and I was exited to be able to spend this first Black Widow Q of the New year with you men.  This F3 thing has had a dramatic impact on my life and the men of Black Widow have been a large part of that.  I appreciate the opportunity to lead as well as follow and look forward to 51 more Tuesdays in the gloom.



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