Don’t Bet Against Copperhead

Never bet against copperheads. There’s a reason why race tracks don’t feature copperheads because you don’t be against copperheads. You want to know why major colleges and professional sports teams don’t have copperhead mascots? Because you don’t bet against copperheads!

In his pre-blast promoting todays’s special Muthaship Convergence, Metro Nantan Fishwrap declared the over/under of Pax posting to Copperhead was 3. Clearly, FW didn’t know you don’t bet against Copperhead. Today’s turnout easily doubled FW’s prediction.

The Thang
Warm-up lap around the parking lot: high knees/ butt kickers/ karoke

Mosey down Randolph to second medical building (not sure of the name – if you really want to know, drive down Randolph Rd to find out)
COP: SSH x 25/ IW x 20/ Copperhead© Squats x 20/ Mtn Climbers x 15/ Heels to Heaven x 15

Head to third medical building
7’s: Jump Squats on near corner of building/ HR Merkins on opposite side

Cross Randolph – continue to back of Billingsville Elem
Dirty McDeuce
4 rounds of 3 different exercises (each x 12 I/C) After each round, run to end of parking lot and back
Round 1: Merkins/ Prisoner Squats/ LBCs
Round 2: Wide-Arms/ Jumping Lunges/ Rosalita
Round 3: CCD/ Peter Parker/ Dolly
Round 4: Plank Jacks/ Jump Squats/ Flutter

People’s Chair w/ Air Presses x 15 I/C

Fellowship run back to Mint

Upon running back into the Mint parking lot, out of the shadows appears Fishwrap running towards us. Sparty was worried he had looted our cars while we were away. Not the case. FW said he was making the rounds for COT. Sure – we know you really wanted to do a head count on how many Pax posted. Guess you know now, don’t bet against Copperhead!

Fishwrap relayed Slaughter’s announcement from the Muthaship COT: Fortitude (Tues AM workout at Mens Shelter) needs Q’s. I strongly encourage any guys who haven’t posted, or have posted and haven’t Q’d, to do so. Fortitude is much more than a workout – it will impact you in many ways. This workout forces you to step out of your comfort zone and you will be better for it.

Whim with the take-out. This guy speaks from the heart and always delivers a strong message.  To me, the most impressive aspect is the enthusiasm and optimism in Whim’s voice.

My man Sparty continues to morph into a beast. He’s one of the guys I have worked out with the most during my F3 experience and don’t ever recall Sparty looking this good. T-claps!

While running the 7’s around the third medical building, Stat struck up a conversation with me about the Georgia Bulldogs. Turns out he’s from Augusta and his brothers went to UGA. Appreciated the conversation except YHC is much older than Stat which means it hard from me to multi-task: speaking, remembering information for conversation, running, remembering what # of reps for which exercise, next activity in today’s workout, remembering to breathe…etc.

Glad to see my Sofa King Elite teammate Belk this AM. He was wearing shorts today…there’s a joke in there related to Belk’s height but I won’t go there. He’s anti-Bama tonight and YHC wants as much support as possible for the Dawgs!

Lastly, the Copperhead legend himself Raider rounded out today’s Pax. He nailed all the exercises – especially Copperhead© Squats and Imperial Walkers (wheel house x 2). Said it before and will say it again – Raider is a cult of personality and always livens up the Gloom when he posts.

Today’s Dirty McDeuce was copied from OBT’s special workout yesterday for the Pi Kappa Phi Leadership Conference. For those counting at home, this makes the second time in two weeks where YHC’s Q’s are direct copies of the Weasel Shaker’s.

YHC truly appreciates the Pax support today. Just having these five brothers post was huge! Thanks to Daisy for the keys – hope you brought the wrath of Copperhead in your Q this morning at Big Hair Monday.

YHC is out – need to get ready for tonight’s big game. #Go Dawgs!


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  • January 8, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    I should know better than to bet against Sump and a 6a start. Good to see you boys this morning!

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