Executive Parking

17 Faithful showed up for this week’s edition of Mustang.  Here’s what went down:


The drill:

SSH (30)

Mosey through MPHS campus, to Runnymede, right onto Barclay Downs, flutter (20), merkins (20)

Mosey further south on Barclay Downs, dolly (20), staggered R/L merkins (20)

Mosey to Capitol Towers deck, Russian twist (20), elbow plank jacks (20)

Explore executive parking confines and climb stairs to top of executive tower (12 flrs)

Back to commoner’s deck, donkey kicks (20)

Ramp runs w/ 10 HR merkins at each turn; LBCs (20), jack knife (2), holding squat waiting for Six

Deck sprints w/ 20 derkins, 20 hip slappers on each end (5 rounds); flutter (20), dolly (20)

Back to bottom of commoner’s deck, merkins (10)

Head north on Barclay Downs to Runnymede to MPHS with stops for jump squats (20), diamonds (12), flutter (20)

COT (thanks, Uncle, for the takeout)


Color commentary:

Great group of men Saturday morning.  I’d hit the Capitol Towers deck a couple of times in the past with Worm, but couldn’t recall a Mustang trek.  So off we went.  Lee, Dredd, Topham set the pace all morning, nearly dropped the rest of us, and at one point, I thought Lee might formally take the reins.  Always gracious and presciently carrying his workplace fob, he gave the pax a tour of his corporate digs – yes, it does in fact smell like $$ – and provided a little shelter from cooler temps with a 12-story climb up the interior stairwell.  Many thought it was choreographed.  The struggle for some did not bode so well for Fishwrap’s  Muthaship extravaganza.  Preferring 12 degrees to 72, we quickly descended back to the working man’s deck (maybe 7-8 stories?).  The ramp runs and deck sprints were intended to keep everybody moving, and the upper body work apparently left some fully distended.  Overall, we covered about 5.5 miles, and everybody made it back home upright.  Observations: Want Ad was nursing a tweaked hammy but fought through it.  Lee does not do HR merkins (not TM’d) and blatantly refused multiple offers for advice, practice, alternatives.  PSA – always wear a belt when working out in khaki dockers; tights have won the day for most.  Broken Arrow was a welcomed Kotter, and 2.0 Proehl crushed the last half mile.  As did The Show, the only bare-legged among us.  Uncle took no prisoners and has been on a posting tear the past week or so, said some things were gonna change in 2018.  And I believe him.  Too bad Gandalf, Caesar, Seahawk didn’t get the memo.  As Curly said a few weeks back, so many options at Mustang.  Thanks, Holtz and RW, for the opportunity to lead, would love another shot down the road.  Provided Lee keeps bringing his fob, just in case.

3 thoughts on “Executive Parking

  • January 8, 2018 at 6:16 pm

    Great lead, Stinger, as always. #oof

    You’ve got the TM on donkey kicks…and access to the exec key fob whenever you need it.

    My very loose rule re: HRmerkins — I will do them if they are spread out and/or the total is less than 50 reps. You violated that rule on both counts. That said, I would be impressed to know (besides you) who did all of those HRmerkins. #chgerkins

  • January 9, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    First time getting a beatdown from a Q in Khakis. Impressive. Great lead as always Stinger.

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