WIB – Pods

Welcome to 2018.

Here is what will go down.

Partner up — size matters

1. Run the mile in to the pullup bars

Partner 1 – 5 good Pullups

Partner 2  – 5 Wall Pushups and hold the position

5 Rounds

2. Both partners to the base of Lurker

Partner carry to first speed bump – switch as needed

Backwards run to 2nd speed bump

Bear crawl or lunge walk from 2nd speed bump to the top

10 Burpees at the top

Repeat 2 times

3. Run to the pavilions by the hill of hills

Partner one go to Pavilion 1 – 20 jump-ups and 20 Squats

Partner two go to Pavilion 2 – 20 Derkins and 20 Dips

Meet in the middle for 10 dumbocrats

Repeat 5 times

back to number 2 if time permits

See you in the gloom.

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