Aye! Tonya

Today was hill work. Tried out some new running territory (there’s very little uncharted within range of a SIB warmup).

So we headed to Taco Bell. Cindy and 20/20 totally unimpressed with my Montford Drive knowledge. Apparently they are regulars at (or possibly have been banned from) the seemingly endless array of restaurant options. First declared hill interval was to the next street “where Luisa’s is” – but that is not technically correct it seems. Moosehead is at the corner according to 20/20. But who actually goes to Moosehead? Luisa’s is at the same corner on the opposite side of the street. Tucked in the shopping center with the vaping place that used to be a froyo spot that used to be a Blockbuster. Everyone loves to go to Luisa’s – where else you can experience complete chaos at 515pm on Friday evening – tons of small people around – you pay $17.50 for one a large pizza and watch your kid eat 1/2 a slice – while some other kid dumps a Sprite in your lap – making you wonder why you did not stay home and get 4 Domino’s pizzas for less than your one. I’ll tell you why, because Luisa’s Pizza rocks. Plus you can go back during the week for the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet and dollar cost average your way to a good deal.

Short interval decided. Taco Bell to Luisa’s/Moosehead. Next decision – where to the end the long interval? Parklanes – not far enough up. Brazwell’s? GoodFood? Too pretentious a stopping point. Jet’s Pizza? Roasting Company? Let’s split the difference and turn at the Jeff’s Bucket Shop sign. (NOTE: Jeff’s is the only place on Montford that I have not visited. Also I’ve never set foot in Jet’s Pizza but I have been served that pizza – weak compared to Luisa’s.) Technically Montford’s restaurant row now continues all the way across Park Rd with the Viva Chicken (strong) and Smashburger (overhyped). But that would flatten out the route too much. Jeff’s was perfect. Long interval – get all of the hill.

So we ran repeats up Montford, short interval to Abbey Place, long interval to wall with Jeff’s Bucket Shop sign.

After getting tired of that, we head over to Abbey Place. The bottoms out near Dr. Watson’s dentist office. This will be your starting line. Long interval repeats up Abbey to Park Road. This interval starts with very gradual hill, almost flattens out then gets very steep at the end. Run this one on repeat until time is up.

Abbey Place? Exact opposite of Montford. You could spend a week dining on Montford and not hit every possible food spot. Plus you can leave your dog at the Barker Lounge while you bowl a few games across the street and get your oil changed (not a euphemism, there are even two options). And when you get kicked out of Moosehead you can go up the street and sing karaoke at Jeff’s. Abbey Place you are probably getting teeth pulled or some other medical procedure. Or maybe you need some Class B office space. Both streets got plenty of hill to work with – but Abbey Place is clearly Tonya to Montford’s Nancy. Or something like that.

I did not keep count of the intervals but we covered 7.6 miles by my watch. Protocol was hard uphill. Jog recovery on the downhill. Repeat. Sub4 was out front. Cindy was 4% faster than last time I saw him. Thin Slice is getting ready to go sub 1:30 for 1/2. Just look at the names – this was a solid pax all the way around (even Easy Rings). Maybe my feelings are still hurt from OBT creating a AAA version of SIB over at Randolph. But today might be a good example of why. Major League workout this morning – lots of miles, lots of hard hill running. Still no one lost or left behind.

Next week is time based intervals (longer vs shorter most likely). We will stay off the track but won’t hit as many hills as today.


2 thoughts on “Aye! Tonya

  • January 9, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    This is the best BB you have ever written Nash. And I’m loving the new SIB now that all the fat (literally and figuratively) has been shipped over to Fatloader’s RascalCamp. #montford4life

  • January 9, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    Nash, looks like a fun workout. Hope you do it again in June when I come back out for my annual SIB checkup. Agree with Ceesus, great BB. Love the dollar cost averaging. Make sure you explain that to the IT guru mentioned above.

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