Hills & Icy Thrills

YHC picked the right day for the first SIBling Rivalry off-campus trip — I knew one turn into my first warmup lap on the Randolph Middle track that the ice was going to make the track unsafe at any speed (even my Too-Sturdy Undercarriage Crawl). Finished the warmup on the infield and we headed out the backside of the school and over to Goshen for hill repeats.

10 x sprint to the top of the hill, jogging back down and recovering to <100 BPM before doing the next interval. The hill itself was plenty slippery with the ice , all the more reason to shorten the stride and focus on staying over your center of gravity. Not a day to open it up on the downhills and practice the old let-gravity-take-you-downhill chi running thing.

Mosey back to the parking lot at Randolph, where Wrap led 5 Minutes of Mary.


+ Girardi and ‘Wrap dominated the hill sprints — great to have a chance to chase those guys.

+ Welcome to Little Brother, FNGs Wrap and Switchboard. Wrap was fresh off the triumph of Monday’s Muthaship Revival; Switchboard, who clown-carred w/ JJ, looked stylish as always in a quilted Patagonia vest.

+ It’s not quite Alabama-Auburn or SC-Clemson, but you rarely hear Georgia Tech or Georgia fans say anything nice (or even sympathetic) about each other. So it was a sign of just how tough a kick to the nuts Monday night’s game was (and how widely loved Sump is) that Yellow Jacket license plate guy Carrier allowed as to how he felt badly for Sump, who at least didn’t take out his frustration on any nearby doors.

+ A good reminder from Wrap and Carrier at COT about the Tuesday Fortitude workout at the men’s shelter and the need this time of year for any gently used warm workout clothes or shoes.

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