Ring Shuffle?

8 men risked life and limb (or maybe just limb) to get their Tuesday started off on the right foot at Ring Run.

The Thang:

Due to the black ice, Ring Run became more of Ring Mosey or Ring Shuffle as we started down Colville to the bottom of the hill.

SSH’s x 20 ; back up to the top of the hill (carefully) ; merkins x 10 ; 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill ; 20 squats at the top of the other end of the hill

Run Colville to Cherokee ; Cherokee/Hempstead/Eastover/Colville block with 20 merkins at first corner ; 20 widearms at second ; 10 diamonds at third (EC for KY) ; and 20 jump squats ; repeat

Mary while we wait

Run Middleton to Providence ; plank at the Hubee D’s ; 5 burpees OYO ;

Mosey to Laurel Ave. for some dips and Mary ; Cherokee Rd. back to Providence and home with some more burpees and COP.


I arrived at the AO a little early this morning and drove around the intended route to assess the black ice warning I saw on my phone first thing this morning for Western North Carolina.  Charlotte surely isn’t Western North Carolina, more south central, right?  The roads seemed perfectly fine in the car, but not in a test run.  Nonetheless, a large group of very well lit up joggers went down Colville so surely the mighty men of Ring Run can.  It was slow going for a usually fast group.

Chalet proceeded to show off by ending each of the segment around the block with a dramatic slide – he didn’t crash.  Apparently, Stinkbug did, on one of the black mats on the sidewalk.  It didn’t seem to phase him though.  Sorry brother.

FNG James (Gypsy) showed off by going without gloves.  I would call that manly, but he also went to Duke, so I’ll temper that a bit.

Rock gave KY some history lessons on the early days of F3 when everyone was an FNG.  H.E. gave me some navigational help on the mean streets of Eastover (Cherokee Place and Cherokee Road look the same in the gloom).

Total mileage 3.9 miles.

Thanks for the opportunity, Rock.

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