Double T with reality check-Casbah

17 pax with many outstanding F3 citizens including the Need for Speed rock star – Nash set out on this summer like day –

we warmed up with a quick mosey stopping at a random street light on Sedleyfor instruction – the double T utilizes a T shaped pattern in street configuration.  We had 4 stops along Lemon Tree with each stop doubling the rep count doing 3 exercises – merkin, squat and Freddy.   The map view did not properly show how long the runs were – the count started at 4 and ended with 32.  We then headed over for a smaller Double T Peary court and Meade court doing the same 3 exercises doubling each time. After asking the pax to exercise silence we went through the secret path at the end of Peary which leads back over to the School.  We worked our way to the back of the school for some coupon 20x curls and 20x overhead press.  Then back to the bench area near the parking lot for some traditional 7 min of Mary – 20x Dollie, high flutter and low flutter then 1 min of elbow plank then repeato with 10 count then a quick elbow plank that ran short because time was up –

so after a quick end around on the divided Sedley part I still had Bene beside me wondering if I had a plan as I suggested going up the other side of Sedley( of course I had a plan) I had to gather the pax close for the instruction part because there was still a bunch of mumble chatter then I had to overcome  including Nash questioning my leadership skills but soon enough we were working the double t and the talking went to zero which means you are doing well as a Q.  After the second smaller set I think I surprised many with the trail through the woods,  it did feel a little like a time machine.  The coupon work was short lived as we had worked the arms pretty hard already – just needed more Mary!

Announced about the need for fortitude Q’s, blackjack gave a gratitude testimony thanking us for helping him get out etc – hops took us out including a great prayer for bout time and his family!


thank you for the opportunity to lead,



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