Ginger Quota

15 showed up for the 2nd of the Ginger Q’s (Long live the #GingerKing).  No one was assigned a number, team swifty was not in attendance, so we left and this is what we did.

  • Mosey down that steep-ass driveway to Ru-San’s for a quick cop (SSH, Merkins, Squats)
  • Run up Kenilworth to East, Mary at the Berrybrook for the 6
  • Down Kenilworth to the CMC deck, ladder to 7 with burpees at the top
  • Up the steps to the top for some Hot Yoga
  • Back down to the intersection of Scott/Kenilworth, Partner up
  • Partner 1 goes up Scott, 2 up Kenilworth. Meet in the middle of each cross street for 15 handslappers up to East
  • 50 LBC’s while we wait
  • Back down Kenilworth with some stops for Merkins, etc.
  • Back up that steep-ass driveway for COT

My second post at Sparta and I’m already leading this thing (overacheiver).  I honestly think Slice needed to fill his diversity quota and since Metro is about as diverse as a Trump rally, he settled for the long oppressed Ginger class.  Did you know today is Kiss a Ginger day? The origins of which make me laugh:

Kiss A Ginger Day was established in 2009 by Derek Forgie as part of a Facebook group, intended to offset the far less fun Kick A Ginger Day that takes place in November. After the events of this aggressive event, gingers everywhere were tormented and assaulted in schools all over the world.

I will attest that Kick a Ginger Day was, and continues to be, far less fun

Lots of over achievers out there today.  Ice9 and Stinger were channeling their #downhilldanny and were way out in front on the way back.  I think it was Skyline that descended the stairs so fast, I’m not sure he actually didn’t just fall down them.  Nabisco seems pretty good at running up hills.

A little touch and go in the parking deck due to the slick floors.  Nobody hurt themselves until Doobie stepped in a hole about 15 feet from the finish line.  Hope you’re alright.

Thanks to Slice for asking me to Q, even if I am just a token.



One thought on “Ginger Quota

  • January 12, 2018 at 9:38 am

    Good stuff today STH! Ginger or not, you lead a solid beat down. Those “Moseys” between stopping points were more like 6min mile pace sprints. Trying to fend off Slice and avoid the Ice9 dry heave was no joke. Those guys ripped it up today. Glad Q management let someone from those other shithole workouts join us today. #trumpisim.

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