Spring Fever

Big crowds today at ALS felt the pull of spring fever – 60 degree temps pumped up a motivated Pax.

Here’s what we did:

Warmup:  SSH, IW, MC, L/R Hip/Hammy stretch, squat

Mosey to the stairs by the Trader Joes only to be informed that the cops will throw us off.  Scratch that, Target has better prices anyway – mosey to the Target deck.

From the BJ’s lot at the bottom – take the stairs to the top – 5 burpees, back down, 5 rounds, last round stop at the top.

Lunge/People’s Chair combo for the six.

Sparty was killing the stairs the guy is looking strong.

Partner up – Partner 1 runs the length of the top deck and back, partner 2 does the following exercises: wall pushup, decline plank, hip slaps, travoltas, crab plank – 5 rounds.

Lunge/People’s Chair combo for the six, some LaLanne thrown in.

Same Partner’s for DoReMi’s FAMOUS MERICAN LADDER – alternating merican’s from 1 to 10 and back.  #crowdpleaser

Mosey back safely to the covered deck across from the launch lot.  Circle up for 5 minutes of Wheel of Fortune.

Mosey back to the launch lot.


  • My Sharona birthday Q Tuesday at ALS
  • $7k raised for Haiti at hold’em tourney – way to go Shatner
  • double trouble and eminem bricks sat.
  • Silver bullett led by Money
  • Confession Sunday at new common market Oakhurst
  • Tesla with the takeout (GV translating)

Thanks Eminem for the keys – always a pleasure to lead this group.

One thought on “Spring Fever

  • January 12, 2018 at 10:24 am

    you got me today. and quickly. couldn’t catch my breath after the stairs and burpees. of course, if i would had tunes that would have changed things considerably.

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