No Frills, No Thrills

At 7 am sharp 9 braves left the mint museum.

The Thang:

Fast mosey to Novant Medical Building parking lot for COP:

In cadence: SSH, IW, Merkins, MC, Peter Parkers and Parker Peters.

Cross Randolph to driveway entrance of Billingsville Elementary for stackers:

Start at bottom of driveway and run to school (touch the wall) do 1 Merkin back to start do 1 sumo jump squat, repeat and increase each exercise by one until 7.

Mosey to mini amphitheater for dips and derkin pyramid. Start with one each and increase by one at each level going up and decrease by one at each level going back down.

Mosey to hill next to baseball field, bear crawl up and crab walk down.

Mosey to soccer field for four corners. Partner up, from center of field run to a corner and perform called exercise then run back to center of field for 5 sumo jump squats and proceed to next corner etc…. Called exercises were 10 merkins in corner one, then 10 wide arm merkins, 10 diamond merkins and 10 Carolina dry docks. 2nd round included 15 LBCs, 10 left oblique crunches, 10 right oblique crunches followed by Pax choice in last corner. Repeat merkin round.

Circle in middle of field, each pax calls exercise and sprints around the group while rest of pax perform called exercise, rinse and repeat.

Mosey back to baseball fields with karaoke and backwards run mixed in. Monkey humpers and pickle pounders in cadence. Line up from shortest to tallest for Indian run to Mint museum entrance. Slingshot to the fountain. Mosey to start for LBCs, time called.



Go Jen Go is nearing, more information including discount code to come.

Tutoring at Billingsville Elementary and AG Middle – see website for details.

MIP is looking for Qs and Pax – more than just a workout.

YHC did the take out.


Little chilly this morning but much warmer than last week. Solid group of Cherokee veterans who all got better this morning. Chalet’s beard game is strong. Belk is making a come back, pending weather. Deer Tick’s arms are still big. Good to see Tantrum back at 100%. Buzz Cock is still reminiscing of Hawaii. Groupon and Want Ad haven’t lost a step. Boomer can’t wait to get back on the bike. Amazingly nobody complained and if they did it wasn’t loud enough for YHC to hear. Always an honor lead, thanks Tantrum and Cannoli for the keys.

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