Zombie Training 101

10 men greeted the morning in Midwood ParK.  EC run was led pre-workout by Missing D’ with Mr. Bo and Rube joining. YHC also spotted Papillon and Mortar doing a couple of laps on Wilhelmina to get the blood flowing pre-start time.

While the theme this morning was preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse, the training applies to potential threats of all stripes. Aliens. Dema-dogs. Bad guys. In-laws.

Proper training will be crucial, and that means getting outside the box every once in a while.

The Thang

Mosey to basketball court for a little warmup – x20 IC each of SSH, merkins, windmills.

Pep talk by the Q. Mostly gibberish.

Mosey through the park to the stream where Q picked up a largish rock. Indian run through the neighborhood with the rock being passed off to the person behind the leader who carries it until he runs to the front to lead and hands off to the man behind him.

Run down Mimosa, left on Midwood to Belvedere, left on Winter, left on Mecklenberg, 3/4 way around the roundabout and into park through the back door entrance.

Drop rock and commence obstacle course.

Q does a live-action walk through and Pax complete x3.

Pax in single file line, starting one at a time. Climb flagpole (more likely a tetherball pole – slippery, cold, and wobbly) to the top then run to the jungle gym. Climb up the webbing on east side, cross the top, climb down webbing on the west side. Travers west side of playground on the monkey bars, then run across the foot path and up the hill to the baseball/soccer field. Upon cresting the hill, assume squat position and duck walk to the chainlink backstop. Climb up the chain link to the “middle” horizontal metal bar and traverse two sections of the backstop before jumping off and running down Wilhelmina and through the park back to the flagpole.

The zombie is the Man behind you. If he catches/passes you, you stop for merkins before continuing.

After completing x3, plank for the 6.

Mosey back up the hill to the field for some backwards sprints and wheelbarrows between the soccer goals.

Mosey to basketball court for some Mary:

Freddy mercury
Russian twist

Announcements: Sign up to Q Midwood


Brisk morning, Q appreciates the Pax putting up with some of the more experimental aspects of the obstacle course. Everyone crushed it though, even though the rain over the past couple of days left the ground wet and the metal we were climbing slippery.

Thanks to Missing D’ for leading the EC run even though he couldn’t participate in the workout. Hope that back is feeling better. He did run along with us for some of the Indian run and made a cameo as he completed his solo run while we were doing the obstacle course, so should probably call it a 10.5 man workout.

Shrinkage took us out with a great one. Thanks for joining me this morning, it set the tone for a great day.

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